Preventing Razor Bumps….down there

Hey Ladies, one of our readers sent us an email about how to prevent ingrown hair, also known as Folliculitis in your bikini or private area.

Before we start, it is really important to note that as women of color, we are very prone to Folliculitis, because of the coarse nature of our hair, so it is really important that you pay close attention to how your shave your bikini area to prevent infection.



Below are the top myHairmyBeauty tips on preventing razor bumps on your bikini area.

1. Do not shave with Dull Razors, always use a new sharp razor to prevent pulling the hair and irritating the skin

2. Be sure to shave while in the shower, or while your bikini area has been warmed up or steamed, this helps soften the hair and open the hair follicle making it easier for the hair to come off.

3. Be sure to exfoliate the bikini area before you shave, this means using an exfoliating scrub or loofah. Remember to also exfoliate using body scrubs with glycolic or salicylic acid (this is found in acne body washes).

4. Shave towards the direction of hair growth, you will know this by studying which direction your pubic hair falls to when dry

5. Be sure to use a form of  moisturizing Shaving Cream or gel.

6. After shaving moisturize your bikini area, I use coconut oil, not moisturizing will cause irritation and aggravate bumps.

7. If you already have razor bumps, use a cortisone cream like Cortizone-10, or a topical antibiotic cream.

8. Do not Shave everyday, form a habit of shaving every other day to prevent irritation. If you already have bumps, wait till the hair grows out long enough before shaving again. Do not shave over infected bumps, this opens and spreads bacteria.


Below is a video from the TV show, the Doctors, highlighting top tips on Dealing with Bikini Razor Bumps.

– Their tips include: washing the area with a facial cleanser that contains salicylic acid as it kills bacteria, then apply an antibiotic ointment after shaving. To reduce pain and inflammation, Dr. Ordon suggests whipping up an oatmeal paste or dabbing on a little sour cream. But be sure to keep these homemade remedies far away from your lady parts.



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