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myHAIRmyBEAUTYnigeria is a Hair and Beauty Blog created by a certified Skincare therapist and Natural Hair fanatic.

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8 Comments on About Us

  1. Hi! I really love what you are doing here. I just wish u could update more often.
    I love your feature on braids. I’m trying to grow my natural (permed) hair with huge success, I might add. I really want to braid, but I’m scared to do so because I’m scared the braids would break my hair esp along the edges.
    Can u pls give me some tips on how I might braid my hair without causing traction alopecia eg the size of braids, how long I should carry them, etc etc.
    Hope to hear from u soon. I’m sorry I don’t know your name. Wink


    • Hi Onyinye, thanks for your message. Braids are definately a great idea when transitioning, (we will do a post on this). But be careful, don’t get LARGE sized braids along your edges, that area usually has weaker hair. Also be sure not to tug on your hair while its braided, make sure the braids are NOT tight, that is the most important thing, and finally remember to hydrate your scalp while braided. (mix olive oil, or coconut, or tea tree oil with water and spritz on the hair). Be sure to email us- with more questions.


  2. hi, please how can I get a bottle of Jamaican black castor oil?


  3. Edmond Kassay // February 10, 2013 at 4:51 am // Reply

    Alopecia is described as a condition in which the immune system eradicates the hair follicles. Alopecia can lead to hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. In most cases, the hair is lost in small, quarter-sized amounts and usually does not exceed the amount of a few patches. In more extreme cases, Alopecia can progress to cause complete hair loss of the scalp and other areas of the body. White blood cells in the immune system rapidly attack cells in hair follicles that make the hair grow. These affected cells become small and slow down hair production.^

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  4. Hi, great job you are doing here. I need your advise on a range of products I can use to keep my skin smooth and maintain my natural complexion. I recently used a product and I broke out all over my face. I need your advise as soon as possible.


  5. Weldone, please where can I get these products in ibadan?


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