my Favourite Hair and Beauty items- Berry Dakara

Hi Beauty Lovers,

Today it is all about Berry’s favorite Hair and Beauty products! Berry Dakara is the Lifestyle Blogger behind

Checkout her list!

  1. Spray Bottle


 This one is kinda cheating because different products go into it, but it’s usually comprised of water, a mix of oils (coconut, olive, castor, jojoba usually) and my favourite leave-in conditioners (African Naturalistas and Cantu Shea Butter).


2. Jordana Lip and Eye Pencils


As you can see I have a whole bunch of them, in different colors. I like that they’re retractable and I don’t ever have to look for a sharpener. I always keep these stockpiled in my drawer so that I never run out.


3. Nazuri Curls Hair


PhotoCredit: Nazuri Hair IG

I tried the Afro clip ins last year, and I loved it so much that I ordered the straight hair in clip-ins this year. They also have wefts and wigs available but I like being able to switch up styles easily.


4. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Deep Sheer Tint


 I like the coverage this gives me- it’s minimal but I can tell the difference when I put it on. For my everyday makeup, I wouldn’t wear a foundation but the BB cream gives me just enough coverage and is light enough that I don’t feel “made up”.  Oh and it’s got SPF too!


5. My LOVE compact Mirror

I’m a girly girl and I’m drawn to anything that’s heart-shaped. I got this compact mirror in England during a trip a few years ago, and I liked the vintage look it has. Every girl needs a handy mirror in her makeup bag


And that’s it!!


**If you would like to share some of your favourite Hair and Beauty Items, please send an email to myHairmyBeauty(at)**






2 Comments on my Favourite Hair and Beauty items- Berry Dakara

  1. Thanks for the feature!!!


  2. All that Jordana Pencils, I’m Jealous. Nice one


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