– Article by Nkechi O. 

As someone who is about to go into the very competitive job market in Nigeria, it is important to know what look is right for the job interview, because as we know first impressions are everything. While planning on your responses to questions asked and putting together that perfect outfit you shouldn’t forget an important part to the whole look- your makeup of the day. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid and useful tips to correcting them:


Photocredit: @darissaanchezm IG

Photocredit: @darissanchezm IG


Bold lipsticks e.g. red lips or any bright colored lips are a big no-no for job interviews. Red lips communicates romance, sultriness and power, neither of which you are going for at this particular time. It is important to connect with your interviewer/s and let your talent, skill and versatility shine through instead of distracting them with the overpowering color of your lips. There is always an occasion to rock your bold lips, but a job interview isn’t one of them.

Opt for a sheer lip color like a rosy pink or flesh colored lipsticks like a nude to look subtle yet polished instead of overbearing and extra flashy.



PhotoCredit: @meltcosmetics IG

PhotoCredit: @meltcosmetics IG


We get that you want to outshine your competitors (literally) but a job interview is not the time to do so. You’ll need to skip on the eye glitters, liquid, powder and cream highlighters. All you really need to look like is fresh and awake and let your shine come from within and not plastered on your face like a reflection.





Sultry, smoldering and alluring are not adjectives you want to be described with unless you’re looking to send the wrong vibes and signals to your interviewers. Instead opt for a softer liner maybe a dark brown pencil or even if you go black do not make it as exaggerated as you would if your were going to the club or a party.



Pretty Manicure but too long for a Job interview

Pretty Manicure but too long for a Job interview



Going to a job interview looking unkempt isn’t the goal you are looking for either. Attention to details means a lot to an interviewer so even though you might have well ironed clothes and put together hair, coming to the interview with chapped lips and chipped nail polish might just be a deal breaker. It is really easy to avoid these minor mistakes by exfoliating your lips with a homemade sugar scrub and applying a lip balm and if you do not have time to get a new polish it is best to clean off the chipped ones and stay without. Also remember to stay clear of long or distracting manicures, as they too can be distracting.



contouring-the-faceOVER COUNTOURING

I am the patron saint of lighter makeup during the day and heavier makeup at night. So unless you are interviewing for the ELITE MODEL SEARCH, I will recommend that you turn down your contouring a notch. Instead opt for a bronzer or a brick/orangey blush as an alternative to an over chiseled cheeks.



PhotoCredit: @theresafrancine IG

PhotoCredit: @theresafrancine IG



With everything there has to be moderation. Some of us can get scared when we see all the rules and decide to go without any makeup at all, but unless you have amazing skin and even if you do you’ll need a little product here and there to give your face a little more definition. Whatever you do, DO NOT go without makeup. A little mascara, colored lip balm or sheer lipstick might be all you need, you need to look like you are ready and didn’t just roll out of bed.


TRICKS OF THE TRADE: No matter what rules you break or follow you must remember to properly apply your makeup. Having a visible line of demarcation between your face and neck is never a good look.





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  2. CEO Mabis Farms // June 19, 2015 at 4:32 pm // Reply

    Thanks for d update!!!


  3. Ali Zainab // July 10, 2015 at 8:08 am // Reply

    I love these point. Thank you very much for these wonderfull lesson. May God bless you abundantly.


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