CONTOURING 101- What you Need

PhotoCredit: Toke Makinwa IG

No Makeup trend has been as popular as Contouring your face, well maybe other than using black liner to line your lips in the 90’s.

If you are just new to the whole art of Contouring and Blending your makeup, don’t worry, our makeup expert Nkechi is here to give you the 411 on the tools you need for Contouring.

Hey everyone. I’m sure from the topic you are all sighing and saying not another “how best to do your contour and highlights” from another online makeup artist. But to be honest, contouring and highlighting is one of the easiest ways to transform your look from ordinary to professionally done BUT only if done right.

I have been a victim of bad shade and counter shade, (sounds fancier) LOL and it was only after a lot of mindful practice I got it right. There are so many mistakes made when contouring/highlighting and the only way to get it right is by knowing what products best suits your skin, application and then Blend! Blend!! Blend!!!.



Powder contour/highlighter:

I find these types of contour products easier to use, though personally I’d use this as a setting product instead of for the actual contour/highlight. I tend to go for a shimmery look when searching for the highlighter I use on my temple, the bridge of my nose and cheek bones but lean towards a more matte look to highlight  the under of my eyes and contour.

SLEEK face from contour and highlighting kit photocredit:

SLEEK face from contour and highlighting kit photocredit:


NARS Bronzing powder in Laguna  Photocredit:

NARS Bronzing powder in Laguna



1. easier to find

  1. available at any price, from really cost friendly to high end.


1. some are too shimmery (avoid shimmers in contour powder)

  1. It can look chalky if you do not get your right shade.
  2. It is difficult to blend.


Cream contour/highlighter: 

You would need more practice and steadier hands to deal with a cream contour/highlight product. I prefer a creamier product because it’s the most vibrant to work with and gives the desired effect I’m going for without giving off that ashy/flaky look. Always remember to build up when using a creamy product i.e. apply a little at a time so you can control how much product you use.

Anastasia Beverly hills cream contour kit. Photocredit: anastasiabeverlyhills instagram.

Anastasia Beverly hills cream contour kit. Photocredit: anastasiabeverlyhills instagram.


MAC studio finish SPF 35 concealer  Photocredit:

MAC studio finish SPF 35 concealer


  1. More intense.
  2. Creamy and easier to blend
  3. Doesn’t contain too much shimmer, so you can control how much shine you are going for.



  1. In Nigeria it’s difficult to find non-expensive brands who carry them i.e. mostly high-end brands carry creamy contour/highlight products.
  2. You cannot wear it over powder foundation i.e. you have to wear it first before your powder unless you get a caked-up/baked look.



PhotoCredit: Briarrosebeauty.Com

PhotoCredit: Briarrosebeauty.Com

These are just as important as the products used because it determines the outcome and makes it easier for the outcome to look professionally done. There are lots of brushes needed to achieve the Kim Kardarshian-type contour but I am going to narrow it down to the 5 most basic brushes needed.


For contouring your cheekbones, choose an angled brush with soft rounded edges.


To contour your jawline, look for a flat brush some brands put them in the kabuki brush category.


Use a fan brush to sweep shimmery highlight powder directly to the top of your cheekbones. This brush’s lightly packed bristles ensure that you don’t over do it.


After applying my contour with a brush that has short densely packed bristles I then blend with a blending brush to even out the harsh lines


To contour the crease of your eyelid you can either use a medium sized eye shadow brush with a rounded tip. I also use a smaller sized blending brush. Note that any brush used to contour your eye should be small enough to fit into your crease and controllable.


Trick of the trade: We must remember that even though good doesn’t mean expensive, quality does equal a higher price. So Invest in Quality Makeup Products.

I hope you learn a thing or two from this and I can’t wait to hear your responses after trying them out.




1 Comment on CONTOURING 101- What you Need

  1. Great post! I’m not really into the contouring thing…yet! I love the way it turns out on others, though! I’m just a highlighting/bronzing kind of gal…<3


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