Bald Spot: Mask it or Treat it?


If you have thin edges, or bald spots, you know it’s stressful trying to come up with styles that hide your hair problems. After trying every therapy there is to regrow your balding spot, there’s an important question you ask yourself, at what point do you treat your thin, balding edges and when do you just make peace with it not growing and learn to mask it?


PhotoCredit: NatreView

If you’ve ever had an issue with a balding spot on your hair and have tried everything with the exception of visiting a dermatologist, there’s a question you need to ask yourself. Is the Bald region completely bald and feel like skin?

When you’re dealing with incurable alopecia, caused by the lack of blood flow to the hair region, it is important to come up with solutions to mask the problem, so you have the flexibility of switching up your Hairstyle. Have you heard of “Super-million Hair“? well, if you’ve been blog surfing, you’ll notice that it’s been mentioned on various blogs. Here’s a preview of the product:

SM supermillion 2-1

What’s my REVIEW of Super-million Hair?

Well I used it for my edges and it DID make my edges look fuller. The way it works is that it contains fibers similar to that in thickening mascaras that adhere to your hair follicles. Since I have natural hair, the fibers blended and looked real, but if you have Relaxed hair, it might not look as neat. The product claims that with wind, the hair fibers will not scatter or fall off, However, when I went to hug a friend of mine who was taller than me, some of the hair fibers fell on his shirt. Also when I stood in the rain, some of the fibers were wiped off.

The product is not permanent and it does come undone.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for Hair-loss or thinning edges, this is NOT it; however, it does serve its aesthetic purpose of making my edges not look “scanty”.

So is this product WORTH the Hype?

Super million Hair, as well as other faux hair fiber products like Toppik are designed to CAMOUFLAGE bald/thinning hair spots NOT TREAT it or give you a permanent solution.

They are NOT replacement hair pieces that you can BRAID

They DO NOT permanently adhere to your hair follicles and they DO Wash off.

This product is for when you want to braid your hair, or tie your hair in a bun and are ashamed of your bald spots or thinning hair, these products DO help your hair LOOK better.


If you have problematic hair, be it thinning, bald spots etc, when do you know whether to use faux hair fibers to MASK your problem or use hair products to TREAT your problem?

– If you have little hair around your hairline, the good news is that it CAN be TREATED, however if your bald spot feels like smooth skin, and it’s shiny, it means the hair there CANNOT be regrown. Skin-like bald areas on your scalp mean that the follicles in those areas are damaged and cannot deliver blood to oxygenate and grow new hair. When hair is that damaged, then products like Toppik and Super million hair can be used to MASK the problem.


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