#AskmyHairmyBeauty – Your Beauty Questions Answered


Hi Beauty Lovers,

We will like to discuss some of the questions we get in our inbox that might be applicable to you, remember if you have any Hair, Beauty, Skincare related questions you can email us (myHairmyBeauty(at) or Hashtag #AskmyHairmyBeauty on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

We respect your anonymity and privacy.


1. How can I make my Lipstick Last Longer?




Ans: Even if the Lipstick is NOT an 8hour Lipstick, I have tips and tricks on how I make my lipstick last from Dinner to Breakfast! The first thing I do is exfoliate my Lips, this is VERY important. I take a clean dry towel and massage over my Lips, to get rid of superficial dead skin. Then I mix Brown sugar and honey and gently buff over my lips (while trying NOT to eat it). Afterwards I apply Vaseline.

I try to do this in the morning or night before a Big event, so the Vaseline has time to moisturize my lips. When its time to wear the Lipcolor, I wipe my lips to remove any trace of Oil, apply the first coat of Lipcolor. Bloat with Tissue, then dust with white powder, bloat out excess powder. Apply Lipliner, then apply second coat of Lipstick. Bloat. Then apply final coat of Lipstick before finishing up with Lipgloss or Balm for moisture.

While I use Powder to set the Lipcolor, some makeup artist advocate using Foundation to set the Lips before applying any Lipcolor.




2. My Face is so Oily and it makes it almost impossible to wear Foundation, but I need to wear Foundation, what can I do?

Ans: You have a couple of 3 (1)

– Before any major event, I like to Chemically exfoliate my skin. For example if I have a wedding on Saturday, I like to use my CUE Exfoliating Gel with Kojic Acid Wednesday and Thursday night, this dramatically reduces the Oil on my Skin, as well as brightens it. But if you can’t get your hands on any chemical exfoliant, you can do the following.






10552666-1361800643-374273– Before applying any foundation, use a MATTE makeup primer, my all time favourite is Benefit the PORE fessional. I absolutely LOVE this primer and it has amazing staying power. If you don’t have access to a primer, then run over to the nearest Pharmacy, Medplus etc and get a Milk of Magnesia bottle.

– Apply a tiny tablespoon of milk of magnesia over the OILIEST part of your face, mine is the T-Zone, before applying your foundation.







3. I was Looking through my Makeup Box and I realized I’ve had a Lipstick there that I’ve had till 2009, should I throw it out? It is one of my favourite colors and the company does not make it anymore, what should I do?

Ans: The first thing I’d do is smell it, If it has that chemical smell or just smells off, please TOSS IT! The tricky thing about Lipstick is that some Beauty Experts debate about its shelf life, some say 2 years, others argue otherwise. Here’s the rule of thumb, if the Color, Odor, or Texture changes, if it has melted (then rehardened) or has been exposed to Water, PLEASE TOSS IT.


4. I have been reading about the importance of Vitamin C on your Blog, but I don’t know how and when to use it. Please HELP!

photo 1 (1)

Ans: If there’s a serum you need to add to your Beauty Regimen, regardless of your SkinType, it would be Vitamin C serum. This powerhouse Serum treats, heals and repairs the skin. To make the most of it, Apply Vitamin C serum on a DRY FACE after cleansing in the morning, before you apply any moisturizer or sunscreen. What I normally do is, I apply my Vitamin C serum, then Sunscreen, then Foundation if necessary, and I’m good to GO!

It is NOT necessary to apply Vitamin C serum at Night. You mostly need it in the morning to help protect and fight Sun damage.


5. What is the best moisturizer for my Oily Face?

Ans: Please follow us on Instagram @myHairmyBeautyNigeria we discuss a lot of Products there.

Regardless of how Oily your face is, it still needs a moisturizer because your skin always needs external (as well as internal) hydration. Here is a sample regimen for Oily Skin. Products can be purchased at Allure Cosmetics, Opebi Road Ikeja.



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  1. pls av got dark spots on my face n ah dunno wah kinda cream to use….pls cn u help mee out….cos ah dun rili lyk it dz way


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