How Well are you Cleansing your Face?

PhotoCredit: BlackDoctor.Org

Sometimes something as basic as properly cleansing your Face can make the difference between Good Skin, and Great Skin!

Read the following article courtesy of YahooShopping to learn the do’s and  “dont’s” of facial cleansing.

When it comes to my cleansing routine and products I try to emulate the philosophy of the wonderful no-nonsense skincare guru Caroline Hirons. I stumbled on her blog and spent an afternoon marathon-reading the entire archive. She is impossibly picky and cares immensely about caring for skin in a gentle manner. One of the most helpful bits of wisdom I learned from her is how to cleanse your face like a real grown-up! Now before I delve into the details let me put out a few disclaimers.

– Everyone’s skin is different (obviously), so what works for me may not work for you. Sometimes it is worth a try if you are not satisfied with your current routine or how your skin looks or feels.
-I completely understand that there will be times when a person cannot complete the entire cleansing routine. Sick baby, too much wine, you collapsed from exhaustion — but dedication to providing your skin with love and care will create results. It’s up to you how much effort you want to put into seeing those results. 
Now that that’s out of the way here’s what you’ll need :
I am one of those people that thought my face would transform me, and I’d be completely flawless face as soon as I used a Clarisonic. I shelled out the big bucks and began scrubbing away my imperfections. Turns out that was a bad idea for my skin. I know there are angry crowds of Clarisonic-lovers cursing me right now and insisting I did something wrong with my Clarisonic experience. Yes, I tried the sensitive brush with limited the use, and the fact is this gadget is now collecting dust along with my other failed miracle products.The product that has immensely helped my skin is a good, old-fashioned 100% cotton washcloth. Well, to be more accurate it is a collection of 45 cotton washcloths. After the cleansing brush debacle I went ahead and purchased over a months’ supply of durable cotton washcloths that I began using morning and night. I use one cloth per day and then toss it into the hamper. The washcloths gently exfoliate my skin and help break down makeup and grime so that I can easily wash it away. Simple and effective.

Warm, NOT hot water
You do not need to scald your face for it to be clean. Water that is too hot can cause irritation, make skin conditions like rosacea flare up, and it can even cause broken capillaries. Warm water will suffice.
This is where things can get tricky. With so many types of skin and skin conditions it is difficult to pin-point a proper cleanser for every need. I have combination skin that is sensitive and sometimes prone to breakouts. I get very dry on my cheeks and mildly oily through my t-zone, but my skin changes on almost a daily basis. I try to evaluate my skin every morning to help make the best skincare choices for that day. I do have a few cardinal rules:
– I never use foaming or gel cleansers. These types of products make my skin feel “stripped” and uncomfortably tight and dry.
– I keep my exfoliants and cleansers separate. I do not like the 2-in-1’s.
– Wipes are not cleansers unless you are in a dire emergency situation.
And my favorites are….
The ginormous 16 ounce bottle of Moisture Boost Cleanser is one of my holy grail products. The creamy texture of this gentle cleanser easily breaks down makeup and rinses away leaving my skin smooth and soft. It even takes off my eye makeup without irritating my eyes or contacts. I use this both morning and night.
PhotoCredit: @ThisThatBeauty

PhotoCredit: @ThisThatBeauty

This cleansing balm makes my life worth living. It is wonderful. I typically use this balm as a “first cleanse” to break down my full face of makeup and really loosen up any waterproof eyeliner or mascara. I massage the balm into my skin first with clean hands and then with a washcloth. Because this product is a balm it will leave a bit of residue on your skin. To remedy that issue I always follow it with a second cleanser to wash away the balm, but also to really insure that all makeup and daily grime is rinsed away.
When I purchased Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm I also bought the Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk, I personally do not care for the cleansing milk at all. It does not remove impurities as efficiently as it’s sister product.
Coconut Oil is my cure-all for everything. I must have it in my home at all times. One of my main uses for it is facial cleansing and makeup removal. I typically use coconut oil as my first cleanse tococonutoil5b15d remove heavy makeup or sunscreen and follow with a cleansing milk. Cleaning is just one of the gazillion uses for coconut oil in our household.
Steps for a perfectly clean and happy face 

1. With warm water and a washcloth gently cleanse with a basic cleansing milk (or cleansing oil). Yes, you should still cleanse in the morning to remove sweat, drool (or is that just me?), and general sleep ickiness from your face.
1. If you have not used makeup, sunscreen, or left your house at all you can repeat your morning routine. If you have applied makeup, sunscreen, and ventured outside you will begin with your first cleanse to remove that top layer of impurities. This is the step I use either coconut oil or a strong cleansing balm. I massage the balm into my skin with clean hands and then gently massage it away with my washcloth. Once I feel that all of my makeup and sunscreen is removed I begin a second cleanse with my cleansing milk. The cleansing milk actually reaches my skin and penetrates the pores. During this step I like to go through a bit of a facial massage as well.
That’s it! It is not difficult, but yes it takes longer than a splash of water or a half-hearted wipe. Since I began my hardcore dedication to proper cleansing I have seen a marked improvement in the appearance and health of my skin. I know that there is not a trace of pore clogging makeup or sunscreen left behind once my head hits the (silk) pillowcase. I have less breakouts, more even skin tone, and overall my face feels moisturized and happy.

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