Should you store your BEAUTY items in the FRIDGE?

If you Live solo or have access to purchasing your own private fridge, then this is something you might be interested in. 

I know the headline sounds crazy, but actually there are some beauty products that are best stored in cooler environments, a.k.a your fridge!

Keeping beauty products in the fridge isn’t just a trick to cool down in during HOT days, it will actually help your products last longer, year-round!

From perfume to moisturizer, keeping products cool can slow chemical reactions and ultimately end up extending the life of your beauty products.

Humidity from your bathroom, shower or cupboard, can end up shortening the life of products, but keeping them cool slows down chemical processes such as oxidation, so you’ll end up saving money and making less frequent trips to the drugstore or beauty counter.



The Do’s and Don’t of Getting Makeup to Last Longer

DO keep them in the fridge. Eye cream, moisturizer and perfume all work well when kept at a cooler temperature.

DO tighten the lids on all beauty products. This will keep them fresh and lasting longer.

DO store eye cream in the fridge-not only will it last longer, but the cooling effects will reduce puffy eyes-added bonus!

DO store any product with Vitamin C in the fridge. It will keep the vitamins from breaking down in the serums.

DON’T keep them in open containers. You don’t want your makeup to smell like your food!

DON’T let products freeze. It will ruin them.

DON’T forget to use your products. Some people even go as far as to purchase a cosmetic refrigerator that you store in your bathroom to keep products handy. Yes, that actually does exist.

***WARNING: Remember to LABEL the Beauty Products you store in the fridge so no one EATS it by accident***


5 Products that should be Refrigerated

PhotoCredit: @CliniqueUK

PhotoCredit: @CliniqueUK

LIPSTICKS: Did you know that Lipsticks turn rancid? Yes! ever try to apply your favourite tube that you’ve not used in a while until to be met with a weird chemical odour? To prolong the Life of your Lipstick, Beauty Experts suggest refrigerating them.


elizabetharden (1)

FOUNDATIONS: Not only does it feel good when you apply it, but refrigerating your foundation will make it last longer! When we say foundation, we’re talking about Liquid foundation not stick.



VITAMIN C SERUM: If you use Vitamin C serum, then you’ll know how fast it goes bad! one of the best ways to prolong it is to refrigerate it after each application.



PERFUMES: Yes Ladies, apparently storing your favourite perfume bottle in the fridge will make it last longer. With Perfumes, it is important to keep it away from heat to extend the life of active ingredients in the formula. Storing it in the fridge protects against oxidation from excess heat or sun exposure that might induce oxidation. **BE SURE TO LABEL IT, WHEN STORING IT IN THE FRIDGE!**





NATURAL PRODUCTS: Any product purchased that uses fresh ingredients without preservatives, MUST be refrigerated. Or else bacteria gets in and spoils the products. Other products under this category are Homemade Facial Masks and toners.


To READ more on the benefit of storing your products in the fridge, Check out this Article.




3 Comments on Should you store your BEAUTY items in the FRIDGE?

  1. lipsticklesley // April 22, 2015 at 8:45 pm // Reply

    I’ve heard of this but have always been hesitant to try. All of my lipsticks still smell new though, and some are over 3 years old.


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