5 Hair and Beauty Products you should try today!

Hello Beauty Lovers,

If you’re looking to update your makeup bag or look, you can try some of these products that have been trending on social media.

1. INGLOT High Definition Iluminizing Loose Powder

PhotoCredit: @Buchiakpati

PhotoCredit: @Buchiakpati

Makeup Artist, Buchi Akpati rates this product 5 stars, and you know if a celebrity makeup artist loves it then it’s good for us. This is a subtle loose powder with diamond dust. It is great at hiding the skin’s imperfections. One unique  quality about INGLOT’s product is that it contains HD pigments,  film-forming agents that provide a smooth and long-lasting finish. This powder is PERFECT for everyday use and can be used on bare skin, over foundation and all over the eye area preventing colour grabbing to skin, ensuring easy and perfect blending of the eye shadow.
– This product can be purchased at any INGLOT Nigeria outlet.


2. BM PRO Matte Lipgloss

photo 4 (2)

Ladies if you’re looking for a LONG LASTING Lipcolor, then head over to the nearest BMPRO outlet shop for this new lipglossess. While swatching for the perfect deep red color, I applied this lipgloss on my hand and could not wash it off the whole day! This is a perfect go to for Weddings or a long night out with lots of dancing. And the best part is there’s a color for your every look, be it Sultry Deep Red, Sexy Red, Girly Pink or Bold Purple.


3. CLINIQUE “Take the Day Off” Cleansing balm

PhotoCredit: @ThisThatBeauty

PhotoCredit: @ThisThatBeauty

If you want a fool-proof way to remove Heavy makeup at the end of the Day, we suggest you purchase this Cleansing Balm. Ladies, you’ll thank us after trying this out, name it Eye makeup, matte lipstick, or Mascara this cleansing balm can get rid of it. The cleansing balm goes on like a solid balm or cream and then transforms into a silky oil that  effortlessly dissolves makeup and sunscreen. This cleaning balm is non-greasy, non-drying formula that cleanses thoroughly and rinses off completely.

Product can be purchased at any Clinique retailer (i.e: Ikeja Palms Mall) or Montaigne Place.

myHairmyBeautyTip: When using this balm, I massage into palms until it becomes oily, massage into face then use a warm towel to cover face for 5 minutes. I then wipe my face and go on to wash my face with my normal facial cleanser.


4. INGLOT Mattifying Pressed Powder 

photo 3 (3)

Say GOOD-BYE to that mid-day Oily face with the help of this new mattifying pressed powder from INGLOT. According to Inglot it is the first translucent powder that has been pressed without adding any oil. This powder SETS your foundation and “mattes” your lipstick. This is a MUST HAVE in every makeup bag.

Product is available at the Palms Mall, Ibadan.


5. CLARINS Fix Makeup

photo 2If you’re getting married, or have a wedding to attend, this is a MUST HAVE product, it sets makeup so that it lasts all day. Unlike other products that sets makeup, this product contains

– Silica microspheres that reduce the appearance of shine throughout the day.

– Grapefruit and Vitamin C extract that revives make-up colour and restores radiance.

– A precise micro-spray system that imparts gentle feelings of instant freshness.

– A Protective 3D film-forming polymer that creates an invisible, highly-resistant protective screen, helps maintain the hydrolipidic film, sets make-up and prolongs flawless complexion.

Product can be purchased at any CLARINS outlet.



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