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5 Favourite Hair and Beauty Products

The Hair and makeup industry is a booming one with quite a lot of products being launched and highly proliferated in recent times. However, finding one that works for you and gives you the lift that you desire to go through each day or leave you stunning at any event is quite paramount. I have tried a few products in certain areas and thus far, these hair and beauty products top my list.



spritz bottleSpritz Bottle

This is my most favourite hair product. I got to fall in love with it early this year after visiting a natural hair salon in Dolphin Estate in which the owner took me through some tips on hair maintenance. In the spritz bottle, I have all the required mixtures that I need to keep my hair moisturised and helps with my healthy hair growth journey.




Black Up Paris Foundation

Black Up has proven to be the best makeup for women of colour and for me, it works perfectly because it is oil free. Because of my makeup budget, I decided to buy just the foundation and discovered that most times, all I need to have a face lift was the foundation. I just recently got the powder but I still can’t get over my love for the foundation whenever I need to rush out of the office for an event.


zaron kajalZaron Kajal

This is my everyday make up except I am trying to prep my face for an event later in the week and wish to give the entire face including the eyes a break from any form of Make Up. The kajal is the ultimate face changer as the eyes speaks volumes and that seems to be the most attractive feature of my face- the eyes.




BM Pro Crème Lipgloss in Monalisabm pro

Though the product has a scent which I am not so fond of but it works for my lips and keeps it quite moisturised for a while. The good thing about this product is that it helps you maintain a natural shine even with the little colour and the glitters.






guerlain lotionGuerlain Milk lotion

It comes in different sizes but I like this small size for the road. It also has the same scent as the fragrance that has the same name on the lotion. So, not only does it help to moisturise your skin, it smells like fragrance and has glitters in it that gives you an additional shine.


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