myBEAUTY: The Perfect NUDE

So I am absolutely in LOVE with Nude lipstick. You know the barely there neutral lip look?

But the problem is that it is hard to find the right shade for my Lips. My Lips are interesting, my dark lip is Darker while my bottom lip is lighter, so finding the right lipstick color for both lips has led to me collecting lipsticks, glosses, lippaint, name it!photo 3

So while searching for that perfect Nude Lipcolor, I’ve come across some favorites that I’d like to share with you all.

1. Nude LipGlosses

– I like these because they are like they are like tinted lipglosses.

photo 2As you can see, they vary in colors, from neutral to hint of 1

My Go to Everyday Nude Lipgloss is MAC’s Spice AA2 (Farthest Left). It is perfect for my dark lip, it blends evenly.

For that mute, but not so nude Lipgloss, I like Milani’s Power Up, however it does not have enough shine to make it a glossy lipgloss.

For a Hint of Pink, I absolutely love NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu, and did I add that it smells heavenly!

Finally for a very super sexy glossy Nude Lipcolor I Like LORAC couture shine in Couture. This lip color makes my lips look super sexy and glossy. I only use 1 coat of it on both lips and finish up with a no-color gloss because it has a slight color to it.

Now on to LipSticks.

photo 5

Above are some of my favourite MAC nude lip colors, not included is MAC Touch, a new color I got this weekend that is absolutely Perfect!

Looking at the Picture from Left to Right…

1) For that Barely there Lipcolor Look is MAC‘s Fresh Brew a44. This color was highly recommended in other blogs as a go to nude for black skin, but since my top lip is darker than my bottom, this color was not PERFECT for both lips. The good thing about it’s Lustre finish is that it is great for a lip balm feel. As you can see on my arm, the color is BARELY there.

2) For a hint of color, MAC’Taupe is a great nude. I think this color is great if you’re looking for a Matte Finish.

3) For my two toned lips, my favorite MAC Nude Lipstick is Polished up, it was even on both lips. To finish this look, I top it up with a single coat of the MAC lipgloss Spice (mentioned above).



Finally, here’s a roundup of my ALL time favourite NUDE lip colors. When I say favourite, I mean I always go back and RE-PURCHASE these brands.

Here they are (L-R):

photo 4my no.1 Nude Lipstick is from a Brand called Studio Gear, the color is Cuddle Up. I think I found this Lipstick 2 years ago at Sephora, since then I’ve not really found it again, I just order it online. Whenever I wear this lipstick, it’s like I’m wearing foundation for my Lips. It glides on perfectly, mutes my lips, I have to wear lip gloss just to show I have lips, that’s how good this Nude Lipstick is. This is by far, my favorite NUDE lipstick, perfect for my Two Toned Lips!


my Favorite baby pink Lipgloss is from Zaron Cosmetics. I don’t wear this lip color alone because it is too LIGHT for my lips, but I use a bit of it to add color and shine to my nude lipstick. The only thing I don’t like about this gloss is the smell, but other than that, the shine and stay power is good.


Like I previous mentioned in the Lipgloss section, I turn to this color, COUTURE by  LORAC for a sexy glossy nude lip. Great for a Date Night!


my Everyday Lipgloss is MAC’s Lipglass in Spice AA2. I seriously wear this everyday to work.


Last but not least, for a perfect combination of Lip balm + Nude Lip Color, I turn to MAC’s Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Impressive. Like honestly this Lipstick is great if you’re a Chic on the go and you don’t have time to moisturize your lips before putting on Lipstick. Also one of my favourite Work makeup.


So there you have it, A list of my FAVOURITE NUDE LIP Colors!

What are some of yours? Please share in the comment section!



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