Would you change your RACE?

I came across this interesting article from Dailymail.


Can you believe the above picture is of the SAME PERSON?

Yes it is.

Once fair-haired and blue-eyed Xiahn, who used to be excited with “K-pop” and Korean dramas, decided that he wanted to look like the locals during the term of his stay as an exchange student in the country.

According to Daily Mail, with ten surgeries and $3000 behind the young man, previously named Max, managed to achieve the desired result. He was scared that his vision could be affected, but it all turned out fine.

To make the transformation 100% credible, Xiahn started wearing dark eye contacts and dying his hair black.

Xiahn, who confesses to being fascinated by life in South Korea, stated his position on Facebook apparently appealing to the critics:

“Regardless of religion that the person is, whether or not you believe in past lives, you have only this life, you have to be who you wan to be.”

Below is a picture of Xiahn, before his surgery:


This is currently what he looks like:

blog2 blog1 blog3


Wow! The lengths that people go through for their idea of beauty.

Would you change your FACE for a RACE you prefer?


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