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Hey readers! Hope you’re having a fab week.
I want to add a new segment to this blog where I rant about things Hair/beauty related in this country. Trust me there’s so many! Feel free to email some of your beauty rants and pet peeves to us.

My team and I were sent out on the field to conduct “market research”, and yes it was literally that, we went to visit big cosmetics markets in Lagos and I decided to chronicle some of the interesting things we saw.

( I’m I the only one annoyed by this billboard? The name, color and the kid. How is this supposed to inspire me to buy products for kids?)

(Did you all know that Nicki Minaj had a toning cream?? Same here I didn’t, I’m sure Nicki Minaj does not know as well)

(I love the name , but I’m bothered by the fact you can use this soap to wash your laundry AND skin!! Talk about high alkali levels and irritation)

(90% of these products are lightening and whitening, yes o it’s that serious)

(Speaking of lightening, I guess Greenlife wants us to know that whiter is better)

(I saved the BEST for last, it’s only in Nigeria that you’ll see a FAKE Beyoncé soap with a FAKE Beyoncé !! Come on!!)

Please send your rants and pictures to


3 Comments on Beauty Reporter Lagos

  1. I tot I was the only one who noticed how crap dat boudchou billboard looked. Theres no way I wld even consider dat prdt 4 my child. Dey could nt even get a cute baby. *eyes rolling*


  2. I mailed,I didn’t get any response.I stay in lagos


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