Why we Love: Namaste Organics

If you LOVE Shea Butter and Natural Oils, you need to try Namaste Organics and here’s why!



1. The brand is proudly Nigerian, meaning it is handmade in Nigeria, using only the best ingredients for US!

2. It is all NATURAL, their cleanser, skin and hair mask, body polish and body butter

3. The package is superb! a simply tub will last you a LONG time (4 months or so), and after you’re done you can use the container to store makeup, hair pins, or even use it as a mixing bowl for your own DIY facials.

4. Their products are MULTIFUNCTIONAL, meaning they can be used for Hair and Skin, so if you’re on a Hair and Beauty budget you can save big by buying these items.

5. Last but not list, the products smells DIVINE! I am currently obsessed with their Black Soap, I use it as a natural shampoo for my hair, as well as body wash and every morning the scent of this body wash puts a smile on my face! (seriously, I’m not being paid for this)

Look at the yummy natural Ingredients :)

Look at the yummy natural Ingredients 🙂


If you’re in Lagos you can purchase this at Ebeano Supermarket. Follow the brand @NamasteOrganics and be sure to like their facebook page. I heard they’re working on new products, can’t wait to TRY THEM ALL!!


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