HOW TO- Care for your Human Hair Wig or Weaves


Washing your Human Hair Wig or Weave

1. Always wash your wig or weave at least once a month with a botanical shampoo. The botanical shampoo will help with any tangles, frizz and remove build-up in your lace wig. Be sure the Shampoo is Sulfate free.

2. Washing means putting shampoo in a bucket and swirling the hair or wig inside the bucket, comb thru with a wide tooth comb to detangle. Don’t scrub or pull on Hair, just swirl in the bucket.

3. After shampooing, add a leave in conditioner and let AIR dry (You can hang it on a hanger and leave outside)

4. Before you install a new Wig or Weave, shampoo with a conditioner instead of a shampoo.

Do’s and Don’ts of Human Hair Wigs or Weaves

1. Don’t use oils in your human hair wigs or weaves, this only makes them look greasy and encourages tangles

2. Avoid Blow drying your wig. If you must blow dry it, use low heat

3. Do not go to sleep with wet hair, always make sure the hair is dry, free of tangles, and braided in a big braid or wrapped with silk/satin scarf before going to bed. It is also a good idea to use silk/satin pillowcase. Cotton Pillow cases may damage the hair

4. Do not use Alcohol based products which tend to dry the hair out and is a primary cause of tangling.

5. Always use a wide toothed comb to comb your wig/weaves to limit shedding

6. Do comb your wig/weaves from the tip UP, holding the hair above as you comb so that it won’t pull on your knots. Use a ventilated wig brush to comb your wig, not a bristle brush.

HOW TO VIDEO courtesy of HouseofEuropeanHair


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