Hair and Beauty Divas of Instagram (Nigerian Edition)

Hey Ladies, We decided to feature some Nigerian Celebrities that always inspire us with their fabulous Hair and flawless makeup on Instagram. Here’s a list of some Hair and Beauty Divas of Instagram, Nigerian edition.

First is Nigerian Supermodel and Interior Designer, Isio Wanogho (@isodelavega). Whether it’s her natural hair,

90354570727311e3b83b0aaa0e6f979d_8A pixie…


Or Voluminous Curls, Isio just knows how to work it! She’s a model after all.

mhb3**PhotoCredit: Isio Wanogho IG**

Next is Nigerian Fashion Designer Yvonne Nwosu (@VonneCouture), also known as Vonne. Just like her edgy unique designs, Vonne’s hairstyle expresses her creativity and individuality.


When it comes to Makeup, Vonne does not play it safe, she can always be seen rocking her signature Lipstick colors.

mhb9 mhb12Hat4**PhotoCredit: YvonneNwosu IG**

A fabulous Diva that knows how to rock her signature do is New York based Nigerian model Funmie (@FunmineNewYork)

mmhShe can always be seen rocking her fabulous Long mane with a Bold Lip Color

mmmh mmmmmh**PhotoCredit: Funmie IG**

Another Fabulous Hair and Beauty Diva on Instagram is Fashion Writer, Columnists and Fashion presenter, Latasha Ngwube

mhMHHWhether she’s a blonde or Red haired………

mmmmmmmmmm mhmhLatasha is one diva who looks fab in every hair-do she rocks!

**PhotoCredit: LatashaLagos IG**

Finally, completing our list of fabulous Hair/Beauty Divas, is Beauty Entrepreneur and Genevieve Magazine reporter is Liz Yemoja

mHB1mhB7**PhotoCredit: Liz Yemoja IG**

So there you have it! mHB’s top 5 Hair and Beauty Diva’s of Instagram (Nigerian Edition)

If you have anyone you think should be on this list be sure to email us ( or Tweet @myHairmBeauty. Also FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!! myHairmyBeautyNigeria


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