January Favourites (3)- SOS Shea Butter and Black Soap

Hi Readers,

This is the 3rd and Last installation of our “January Favourites” post. The Last product we tried and Loved this month was SOS Shea Cream and Black Soap.


How cute is the packaging?

This was a fantastic find while shopping at Chyzob Pharmacy. I came across the SOS packaging and was curious to know what it was about.

The brand SOS which stands for “Save Our Skin” is a line of natural beauty products created at home (Nigeria) for us (Nigerians/Africans). I really liked the packaging and decided to buy the products, luckily for me the products were inexpensive.


Products Un-packaged

SOS Shea Butter Review

Now I’ve tried a lot of Shea butter and I love Shea butter (great for skin and hair), but this one is different. The ingredients on the SOS Shea Butter contains: Wildcraft harvested Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Water, Petroleum jelly, fragrance and sunscreen. Except for the Petroleum Jelly, I liked everything in the ingredient listing, this Shea Cream is pre-mixed making it easy to apply. You don’t have to keep rubbing your palms together to melt it, it is already creamy and easy to use (How convenient!)


Loving the Creamy Texture and smell of this body butter

The smell of this cream is something else, absolutely LOVE it! and it lingers on nicely. I honestly can’t stress how much I love this body cream, lol especially for the price and it keeps your skin feeling soft.


Because of the nature of the cream, I DO NOT apply it on my face. I have Acneic skin so I use a different product for my face than my body. While I can use lots of oils and body butters for my body, I CAN NEVER do that for my face. Also, I only use this product at nighttime after bathing, if you are worried about hyperpigmentation then the only thing you should be applying on your face and body in the morning is SUNSCREEN!

I just started using the SOS Black soap (2 weeks now), lathers well, smells nice but a bit small, so I’m staying loyal to my Dudu Osun 🙂 but this was a nice change.

Product was purchased at Chyzob Pharmacy on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

**Products Reviewed by are PURCHASED and PAID for by and subject to our Opinion and Experience**


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