January Favorites (1) – CUE Skincare

Hello Readers,

So Today is the Last Day of the month, we are trying something new, giving our readers a list of products we’ve tried, tested and love for the month.

Why do a monthly review instead of weekly?Every week or so we feature Product Reviews from OUR READERS but the reviews that are coming from us will be monthly because when trying a new product you need to give it time (at least a month) to see results, since your skin has a natural cycle of 28 days or so.


If you suffer from Acne, you should try CUE Exfoliating Gel and Spot Treatment, as well as Neutrogena Acne Defense Lotion, and Here’s WHY:

As some of you know, my skin is VERY acne-prone, as a matter of fact maintaining a clear skin is a constant struggle considering my line of work (skin therapist). Because of my Skin condition, I have basically become a guinea pig for a lot of brands and products out there. I’ve tried everything in the market (yes, everything) except get on medication for Acne.

Knowing what I know about the skin, it IS possible to clear your skin without getting on medications like Accutane and Tretinoin that can do MORE Damage than good to your overall health. So I avoid it.

Now back to trying products, a couple of months ago, we were contacted by a representative of a natural skincare line, CUE Skincare, telling us about their product and offering us samples from the entire line. There were two products from the Line I immediately gravitated towards, that was the Exfoliating Gel and Spot Treatment, and so I started using them.


I am a BIG, BIG fan of Chemical Exfoliants for Acne, not only do they de-clog your pores, but they also help fade dark spots and I was very drawn to this product because it contained Kojic Acid, a known natural skin lightener. So I included the product along with the spot treatment to my current Anti-Acne regimen.

Cleanse: Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Tone: Clean and Clear

Moisturize: Dermalogica’s Active moist or Sunscreen in the morning

I used the CUE Exfoliating Gel every 3 nights, and used the Spot Treatment on the BIG Cystic Acne’s every night.

CUE Exfoliating Gel Review: Product contains Glycolic, Lactic and Kojic Acid, instructions say apply thin layer over face and neck leave for 3-5 minutes till you build tolerance. Well I left mine on for 6 minutes (my skin is used to mild acids). Afterwards I’d rinse with water, pat dry and moisturize, if you’re not used to acids, your face will tingle when the product is applied, but it should not burn, if it feels like its burning you should rinse immediately. Also your face will feel tighter and less oily. I used this product for 3 months, after the 1st month, I noticed I had less breakouts and the dark marks were fading slowing. By the end of the 2nd month, my previous acne marks were fading and thanks to the Spot Treatment, I was not getting new pimples. Overall I really liked this Gel, since I am used to Stronger acids (having had several superficial chemical peels) I find this product to be mild, but great for anyone who wants to try chemical exfoliants for the first time.


CUE Spot Treatment Review:

Now this was my FAVORITE from the Line. This stuff literally reduces the size of your pimple OVERNIGHT, with continuous use the pimple is gone. The only downside is that it can be drying and flake the treated area. The instructions say don’t shake bottle, and that’s for a reason, the real stuff settles in the bottom, while isopropyl alcohol that serves as a disinfectant. is on top.

To use: Dip Qtip into the first layer (Isopropyl Alcohol) and wipe the infected area, then dip further into bottle to collect the sediment and place on acne. Should be used overnight.


Using Q-tip to collect Sediment

After 3 months of using these products in addition to my regimen, I have to say, I am pleased with my results.


– Uju for mHB Team

For questions relating to Acne, send an email to

**Products Reviewed by are PURCHASED and PAID for by and subject to our Opinion and Experience**


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  1. idongesit nsung // February 1, 2014 at 3:51 pm // Reply

    Wow! Got to try


  2. Please where can this products be bought in lagos? Including the prices for the products.Thanks


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