Reader’s Corner- Product Review- Cetaphil

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Our first Review is from Busola in Lagos, Nigeria

I’ve heard so much about Cetaphil face wash, it seemed to be every beauty editor’s favorite face wash. Being a beauty Junkie that I am I bought and tried it once but did not like it, it didn’t lather, felt slimy and I just felt like my face was dirty after using it so I tossed it. Fast forward 3 years later, after relocating to Nigeria, my skin took a turn for the worse. I tried everything black soap (found it to be irritating), proactiv (too harsh, left my skin very dry), and clinique (I think it made my pimples worse). As someone that rarely broke out I was very devastated by my sudden outbreak of pimples, especially on my forehead and chin. Finally a coworker of mine (whose skin is always flawless) advised me to try using a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, an oil free moisturizer and steaming my face 2x a week.


Even though I tried and hated Cetaphil, at this point I felt like I had nothing to lose, so I bought it (From Chyzob Pharmacy). The first week I decided to use a facial wipe before using the cleanser. I would wipe off all my makeup and dirt, apply the cetaphil, massage all over, rinse off and apply my oil-free moisturizer. The days that I would steam my face, I would wipe my face with facial wipes, steam my face for 10 minutes, when my pores were open then cleanse with Cetaphil.

I continued with this routine and after 2 weeks, I noticed that my pimples were slowly but surely clearing. Also my face was not dry and irritated like it was with other products. I used Cetaphil morning and night, and after 2.5 months, my face finally cleared!

Cetaphil is gentle, non foaming, slightly creamy cleanser, I love it for my sensitive, acne-prone skin! Another plus is that this product (20.fl.oz) last for a really long time! All you need to cleanse is 2 pumps.



3 Comments on Reader’s Corner- Product Review- Cetaphil

  1. I think I like this cetaphil, but where can I get it in Nigeria.


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