DIY Essential Oils for Healthy SKIN and HAIR

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It is all about the many uses of Essential Oils for Hair and Beauty needs, enjoy!

PhotoCredit: WellandGoodNYC

PhotoCredit: WellandGoodNYC


I don’t think essential oils are given enough credit when it comes to how beneficial they are to the scalp, hair and my recent revelation… skin!Their properties range from being soothing and calming to antiseptic, healing, antibacterial, antidepressant regenerative, the list really does goes on. Their uses are just as impressive as their properties and dare I say even more widespread! Night time pillow drops, scented bath water, scalp oil, facial oil cleansing, body cream, oil burning… don’t mess with me I’m an essential oil groupie!You’ll be happy to know essential oils are also great when it comes to encouraging hair growth due to their ‘stimulant’ nature. I’d especially recommend them for those whose hairlines need a bit of a kick up the behind to grow and somewhat thicken out already!

 Here are some great mixes that you can treat your scalp to! Plus one skin treat thrown in for the oil cleansing lovers!

Hairline & Scalp Stimulator

70ml Jamaican Black Castor Oil infused with Cayenne Pepper **
30ml Coconut Oil
10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops Rosemary essential oil 5 drops Bay leaf essential oil

*I go by the 1% essential oils to 100ml formulation which means approx 25 drops of essential oils.  ** I use 1tspn of cayenne pepper and infuse it in the Castor & Coconut oil for a few days and then sieve the pepper out] Properties Castor Oil – moisturising, conditioning, soothing, used to promote thicker hair growthCoconut Oil – conditioning, penetrative, softeningEucalyptus – stimulating, antibacterial, promotes ceramide production thus increasing hair elasticity Lavender – decongestant, soothing, anti-inflammatory Bay leaf – stimulating and helps control dandruff***

Facial Oil Cleansing Mix
*If you haven’t already tried this please do! My skin absolutely loves this!*

50ml Castor Oil 20ml Wheatgerm Oil10ml Rosehip Oil

20ml Sweet Almond Oil
7 drops Lavender essential oil
4 drops Tea tree essential oil
10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
7 drops Bergamot essential oil PropertiesCastor Oil – moisturising, conditioning, soothingWheatgerm Oil – antioxidant, soothing, high in vitamin E Rosehip Oil – full of vitamins, antioxidants, helps correct dark spots Sweet Almond Oil – moisturising, rich in vitamin E Lavender – decongestant, soothing, anti-inflammatoryTea tree – antifungal, antibacterial, antiviralEucalyptus –  antibacterial, promotes ceramide production thus increasing elasticity Bergamot – antiseptic, antibacterial, helps regulate oil production CONTINUE READING:

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  1. Where can one get these oils at affordable prices within Ogba,Lagos?


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