Ageless Beauties and their secrets (1)


There must be truth to the saying “Black don’t crack”, I was inspired to write this post after a commenter on Bellanaija noted that American Actress Lynn whitfield is 60 years old but looks 20 years younger. I decided to look up other Black celebrities, at home and outside, who seem to defy the laws of aging.



Gabrielle Union (Age 41)

Gabrielle Union is the picture of Ageless Beauty, most people do not believe that this actress is her 40’s. Besides playing teenage roles for years while in her late 20’s to 30’s, Union credits exercise and genetics for her youthful looks. This Neutrogena ambassador credits the brand for eliminating her adult acne as well as hydrating her skin. Her favorite products are: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, Neutrogena Rapid Repair moisturizer, Neutrogena Rapid tone repair.

itsgabrielleu-l2oh-570x Neutrogena-Rapid-Tone-Repair-Night-Neutrogena-Rapid-Tone-Repair-Day-SPF-30

In a magazine interview, She shared her skincare routine:

Skincare became part of a lifestyle transformation around that time. I woke up with a jaw line of cystic acne and I recognized that I wasn’t drinking enough water.  I wasn’t being diligent about my food, my exercise, and my sleep.  I made a lifestyle change. Around that time I started drinking a gallon of water, and from that point on just the water alone, for skin, hair and nails, doing that made a big difference. It also kind of helps to keep your body regular and functioning at optimal speed. So that was the first thing. But it was also being a little more diligent about my food and not eating processed foods. I’ve just been sticking with what works, so for me it’s been the pink grapefruit cleanser and scrub and the toner. Then most recently I switched to the Rapid Tone Repair Moisturizer and the night cream and the all-day moisturizer.  Then when I’m going to be out in the sun I use the Helioplex sunblock spray.  I don’t want to take chances. I don’t like to get too much sun because my skin can change quickly and I get moles and freckles.




Kate Henshaw (Age 42)

BY3rkxOIQAEscdUThis gorgeous nollywood actress is 42 but has the body, face and jovial personality of someone half her age. While watching her interview on The Spot, I was taken back by her glowing flawless skin, banging body and awesome sense of Humor, after that interview I honestly became the biggest Kate Henshaw fan! (I have to go buy her book). In interviews, Kate has credited Portion control, healthy eating and frequent sessions at the gym for her good looks. It’s even rumored that she spends 3 hours at the gym (Ouch!)

207ca746153511e3815722000aaa049c_7 Kate-Henshaw-Switzerland Kate%20Henshaw

If that’s what it takes to look this good, then I’m doing it!




Mo Abudu (Age 49)


I think this media mogul is aging backwards, In her late 40’s Mo Abudu looks 15 years younger!! A big advocate of healthy living, Mo Abudu makes exercise, and a balanced diet a major priority. In addition to this, she promotes having a positive mental attitude, and outlook on life. In a recent interview with GlobalExcellence magazine, she said this about her good looks:

Well that depends on if I am having a bad or good hair day! Jokes apart, I don’t know what it is. I turn 50 next year and I do wonder where the grey hair is? Where are the wrinkles? And I still seem to have perfect
sight; no glasses yet. But I think it runs in the family. If you meet my mum, she is in her 70′s and she doesn’t look it. So I think that is a family trait. But I am obsessed with beauty treatments, facials, diet and exercise, I think that helps. Of course, I indulge in cakes and ice cream, but never for long before I correct my ways! Good or bad, I am always on a diet!




Angela Bassett (Age 55)


She is one of those actresses that still outshines the younger actresses everytime on the Red Carpet. When interviewed about the secrets to her ageless beauty, she had the following to say:

I’m fighting the good fight when it comes to aging. I am the free weights queen, a few reps a week, keep it tight and toned. My goal with exercise is I try to do it more often than not,” says Bassett who still has a killer, defined body and the right to bare arms. She also tries to find more interesting ways to move and burn calories while combining two joys. “Recently, I got a couple of my girlfriends together and we walked the Rose Bowl. It’s maybe a three mile thing,” She says the goal was that each of the women promised to be there at a certain time. No excuses. “It’s about showing up and accountability.”

Don’t get it wrong, Bassett also believes in using the RIGHT products to fight wrinkles, she continues:

“I do believe in this idea of hope in jar or bottle.” Dremu Oil, the anti-wrinkle, anti-aging is like a “face lift in a jar”. It is 100% emu oil and one of the purest forms I’ve tried. As you get older, your skin loses moisture and elasticity, this stuff is a miracle to my skin. I do facials and serums, I love pure oxygen facials they really make me look refreshed,” she says. “I really think mostly you have to get away from the chemicals. I’m even avoiding shampoos filled with sodium laureates. Remember that your skin is the largest organ of your body,” says Bassett. “The less artificial ingredients and chemicals that I’m putting on and into those pores, the better. Honestly, I just try to keep smiling. A smile holds everything up. Take great care of my teeth, dentures are not sexy.”


Did we add that she’s also a Vegetarian??



Beverly Johnson (Age 61)


This former super model makes Beauty her business. When it comes the secret of her flawless ageless beauty, she has 3 and they are:

Secret #1: Younger-Looking Skin

Beverly swears by inexpensive, tried-and-true drugstore products like petroleum jelly and baby oil, to keep her skin looking dewy and wrinkle-free. She slathers them on before and after showering and recommends focusing on dry areas like elbows, knees and the heels of your feet. She also takes cod liver oil tablets, known to nourish skin and nails, a secret handed down by her mother.

Secret #2: Keeping Hair Strong and Beautiful

Beverly combats dull hair with biotin, a B vitamin found in legumes, egg yolks and milk, and also available in supplement form. Biotin is prized for promoting hair growth and preventing thinning hair.

Secret #3: Shape-Saving Diet and Exercise Tips

Beverly’s fitness secret is all about keeping both the body and mind young. A passionate golfer, Beverly recommends picking a sport you really love so exercise is an enjoyable activity, not work. In terms of diet, “Every day is a battle,” she says. “That cookie is there, that popcorn is there. But I’m on top of it.”



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  2. Everything seemed legit until Neutrogena was mentioned. Put this crap on your face and it will burn off. It is definitely not for sensitive skin and is infused with BS chemicals that they try to lie about. Someone please put them out of business…thank you.


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