Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Sorry for not updating as much, my partner and I have been busy with new projects.

One of the inspiration for writing this blog was trying and showcasing NEW Beauty brands in the country.

Recently we were contacted by a representative of CUE Skincare about trying and reviewing their brand of skincare products.


CUE SKINCARE is a line of natural and organic products developed by Skin therapist and clinicians for people with problematic skin. The products are pH balanced so they gently yet effectively treat your skin concerns without irritation.

The line includes:

1. A Resurfacing foaming cleanser with AHA for Oily and Acne Prone skin.

2. A Clarifying toner that hydrates and brightens the skin

3. A Deep Pore Cleanser (Astringent) for Oily and Acne Prone Skin

4. Renew Exfoliating Gel with Kojic Acid for all skin types especially Oily, Acne, Aging skin

5. All natural fade serum (without Hydroquinone)

6. Vitamin C brightening Cream

7. Overnight Spot Treatment for Blemishes

8. Hydrating masque with Aloe Vera that heals and restores skin

9. Sunscreen SPF 30

We were given the entire line to sample (YAY!!) and review. Well it’s only been a couple of weeks but our favorite products so far are:

DSC_6255Renew Exfoliating Gel with Kojic Acid

– This product is supposed to be used 1x a week, and it chemically exfoliates your skin. Just 1 pump of product covers your entire face, you are supposed to leave it for 1-3 minutes depending on how tolerable your skin is. ( I left mine for 2 minutes) afterwards you rinse off. After using this my skin felt tight which was normal, the next day my face was less oily and very matte! My makeup lasted all DAY! I was told that 1 bottle can last me an entire year! If you’ve never had a chemical exfoliation, you might notice light flaky skin the next day, but don’t be alarmed, that is just dead skin that’s shedding.


Spot Treatment

– This Product is fantastic for ACNE! absolutely fab! As someone that is constantly dealing with ACNE, I have tried every spot treatments out there, and I’ll say after my 10% benzoly peroxide, this product is a close second. You are supposed to use a Q Tip with this product to avoid contamination. What you do is dip in with a Qtip to the bottom to collect the product and apply it to the areas of your face with BIG pimples. This is a spot treatment so it’s not supposed to be used all over your face, just the areas with pimples. After applying, leave overnight and the next day your pimple is reduced SIGNIFICANTLY! If you have acne, this is a MUST TRY!!


Hydrating Masque

– Every woman needs this in her beauty cabinet (or fridge) why? because this product contains Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Sea weed extract and other organic ingredients that refreshes, restores, and plumps the skin. The product is clear and looks like jelly, after 20 minutes on your skin, it feels gentle and soothed. This product is great for those with Sunburn, sensitive skin, and aging skin. I love it for its hydration factor, the #1 rule for good skin is Hydration!

We are currently working on a new post that will show results from using this line. We love the fact that the products are organic and natural, as well as very gentle on the skin. If you are interested in purchasing or becoming a distributor, be sure to send an email to or Also add them on Twitter (@CueSkincare) for up to date Skincare advice and tips.


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  1. pls i wil like to become your distributor


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