What is that? and what does it do?

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As an Esthetician, I am obsessed with knowing all the ingredients in my skincare products. I feel like the first step in learning about your skin and knowing what works for you, is learning what the ingredients in your beauty products are supposed to do.

To help you become more skin savvy we have a list of 10 popular ingredients used in skincare products and what they do.

1. Alcohol– Alcohol is found in a lot of products and they act as antiseptics which tend to cause drying on the skin.

2. Benzy Peroxide– found in a lot of products for acne/problematic skin, this ingredient has antibacterial properties and also produces a drying effect.

3. Collagen– Derived from animals and/or synthetically manufactured, this protein acts as a “skin plumper”. It helps diminish wrinkles and prevents water loss.

4. Essential Oils – Derived from plants and herbs, essential oils offer act as fragrance for some skincare products, and when used in aromatherapy producing calming effects (SHOULD NOT BE USED WHEN PREGNANT).

5. Glycerin– This end product of oil and fat decomposition, acts as a gentle skin softener and humectant. It helps bind water to skin which prevents dehydration on the skin.

A woman rubbing moisturizer into her skin


6. Methylparaben– This is usually found at the end of the product listings, it is a preservative that helps stop bacteria from growing in your products. It is one of the most frequently used preservatives as well as oldest, and is known to be noncomedogenic.

7. Peptides– This are chains of amino acids that stimulate the skin cell’s metabolism and improves skin firmness. Usually found in a lot of anti-aging products.

8. Petroleum Jelly– This ingredient acts as an occlusive, meaning that it protects the skin’s barrier layer by forming a seal that holds in water.

9. Salicylic Acid– Also found in Acne Products, Salicylic Acid is also known as Beta Hydroxy (BHA), and is an exfoliating and antiseptic agent.

10. Zinc Oxide– Found in sunscreen, this reflects UVA and UVB rays, and when found in skincare products this ingredient protects, soothes and heals the skin.


So there you have it, these are not ALL, but some of the ingredients used in products you currently have at home. Why not check your beauty cabinet, and see if you are using the right product for your skincare concern, based on what you know from this list. Remember, if a product DOES NOT have an ingredient listing, DO NOT USE IT.


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  1. Really Informative.Quick question please-Is there anyway to lighten(2 or more shades lighter) skin pigmentation without hydroxuinone present?


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