Dry Vs. Dehydrated Skin

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This post is all about Hydrating your skin from the inside and outside. Very often I get clients that come to me complaining that they have VERY DRY skin. As a skincare specialist, I know that when a client (except for older client 50+) say Dry, the usually mean Dehydrated Skin.

The true definition of Dry skin, is a skin that does not produce enough OIL. Dry skin usually has a rough texture, feels tight and has small to almost invisible pore size. Sometimes as black women, when our skin feels tight after cleansing or when the environment changes, or after using the wrong products, we classify it as being Dry when in reality the skin is just Dehydrated.

What Does Dehydrated Skin mean?

Dehydrated Skin is classified as Skin that lacks WATER, it usually looks thin, it flakes, feels tight and dry. One of the places where dehydration appears is the forehead. Take a mirror and examine your forehead, try and frown, then relax your skin, if the frown lines are still there then it means your skin is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is very Dull and lackluster, making makeup application difficult.

If you have Acne, dehydration makes the Acne worse, and more difficult to treat.

What causes Dehydration?

A majority of us have dehydrated skin, this is usually a result of:

– Medications

– Consuming too much Coffee and Alcohol

– Excessive Sun exposure

– Over Exfoliation

– Harsh Products

– Environmental changes


Woman drinking water

How do you treat Dehydration?

One sure way to combat dehydration is to make sure you are drinking enough water. Yes Ladies, 8 glasses of water is mandatory for good skin. Also limit diuretic foods that tend to deplete your skin of water, such as coffee, alcohol, and tea. Also STOP smoking if you do, this is really bad for the skin.

Another way to treat Dehydration is Topically, exfoliating properly and using moisturizers + humectants.

DIY Hydrating Masque

You can get a great revitalizing facial, or save money by making your own hydrating masque that can be used 3x a week depending on how dehydrated your skin is. Honey is a great Humectant, meaning it draws water to the skin, instantly plumping it. Honey is the most important ingredient in the following hydrating at-home facial masque.



Recipe 1. PawPaw Glow

-1/2 cup full fat plain yogurt

– I tablespoon Honey

– 1/4 Paw Paw slices (don’t use too much)

In a Bowl, steam the paw paw slices and mash them, add steamed honey and yogurt and mix until you have a paste. Gently cleanse face, apply the masque (make sure it is slightly warm NOT HOT!!). Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes, afterwards wipe it away with warm washcloth. Apply Oil-Free moisturizer.

Why this works: The Pawpaw contains papain enzyme, the yoghurt contains Lactic Acid, both are great for gently exfoliating your skin, and the honey is a great moisturizer and humectant.

Recipe 2. Milk and Honey

-1/3 cup honey

-1/3 cup whole milk

-1 egg yolk

Start by warming the Honey for 30 seconds, then add milk. Separate the Egg yolk from the whole egg, then add to milk and honey mixture. Mix till you form a nice paste, apply on the face (make sure it’s not HOT!) and leave on for 15 minutes, then wipe with warm wash cloth. Apply moisturizer
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