Caring for your Edges

So if you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we are TEAM NATURAL, and have been raving about this season’s trend of Braids.


But some of our readers have brought to our attention, their concerns about losing their edges due to braids, so we’ve decided to dedicate this post to caring for your edges while wearing braids or other protective styling.

Here’s what you need to know about thinning edges as a result of Traction Alopecia (Hair-loss caused by styling), Hair loss is mostly a result of a damaged hair follicle, so it is important to care for the Hair follicle in the same manner you would care for the skin. Meaning, Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize.

When wearing braids, make sure the braids are not TIGHT, or TUGGING on the hair, this destroys the hair follicles. If you have weak edges, DO NOT BRAID them, leave them alone and gel it if it will make you feel more comfortable.


Internal Care- The key to strengthening your hair and preventing hair-loss is to eat a protein rich diet. Since hair is made out of Protein Keratin, this helps to provide structure and strength. Also be sure to exercise because it helps stimulates circulation helping to ensure that blood flows to the hair follicle.

External Care- While enriching your diet be sure to do the following topically to promote healthy hair and  follicle:

1-  Keep the Hair follicle clean, by cleaning and exfoliating the region, be sure to steam occasionally to OPEN up the follicle.

2-  Stimulate Scalp by massaging the temples, use an invigorating oil like Peppermint Oil.

3- Seal in Moisture by applying nourishing oils like Jojoba OIl, Jamaican Castor Oil or Coconut Oil.


1 Comment on Caring for your Edges

  1. love ur blog…i use to have thinning edges in the front of my hair because of tight braids. Ever since i have been taking care of it, it has been a little better…feel free to check me out at


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