Real Vs. Fake Hair

Hey Ladies,

One of our readers sent me this Video on YouTube of how Sylvia’s Hair by ex-MBGN winner Sylvia Nduka, might be Fake!


NOTE: myHairmyBeautyNigeria is NOT claiming that this hairline is fake,  but drawing attention to something a reader noticed.

Has anyone else experienced this with this Hairline? maybe this is one of those random incidences, this brings me to the main issue, how can you tell if your extension is REAL or FAKE before spending money on it?

Well ladies, BEFORE you spend your hard earned money on a weave that you think is real, answer the following questions.

1. SHINE- Does the Hair have a plastic shine to it? If it’s unusually shiny, chances are it’s SYNTHETIC

2. TEXTURE– Often women rely on the “softness” of the hair as a true measure of its “realness” but the truth is that advancements in Hair technology have produced synthetic hair that feels as soft as Human hair, but the difference in Real and Fake hair is in its Texture.

3. HEAT – Although some synthetic can take heat of a certain degree, the truth is that most synthetic hair CANNOT be curled with heat, so to test your new extensions, try and curl it.  If the hair melts when heat is applied, or you see smoke as soon as heat is applied,  well then you know your extensions are fake

4. STYLE – One good trait about synthetic hair is that the styles are always perfect, but tend to tangle. Brush your hair and see if it tangles easily.

5. COLOR – If your hair can’t be color treated then it’s synthetic. Real Human hair can handle the chemicals from Hair coloring, but be sure to have a stylist do it.



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