Can your Diet cause ACNE?

Well Yes,

and Here’s why!




Even though it’s a myth that CHOCOLATE, PEANUT, and GREASY FOODS cause Acne (yes, ask a dermatologist), recent studies now show that certain foods DO cause Acne, and here they are.

1. Dairy products – Milk, Cheese, Cream, etc. Consuming too much dairy products make the acne WORSE. Since dairy foods come from pregnant cows, studies show that these cows have hormones and growth factors that tend to affect the human body once ingested. It is believed that hormones and other substances influence stimulation of the sebaceous glands which tend to cause those pesky period pimples.

2. High-Glycemic Foods – Processed, white bread, pasta, rice. Consuming these diet in excess will lead to Acne because these products cause peaks in blood sugar and hormonal fluctuations

3. High Iodine Foods– Although our bodies need Iodine to survive, an excessive amount will lead to a flare up of Acne. If you have acne, you want to stay away from iodized salt, egg yolks, seafood, dairy, cured meats, canned vegetables, broth, chocolate, soy, molasses and FD&C red dye #3, which is commonly found in brown sodas as well.


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