myBEAUTY: The Three Habits

Hi Ladies, this advice is coming to your from Essence Magazine‘s August 2012 issue.

Below are 3 beauty habits to adopt now for HEALTHY SKIN.



1. Don’t Smoke and Use Sunscreen every day! Smoking dehydrates your skin and wearing sunscreen helps PREVENT uneven Skin Tone.

To-Do: Checkout our post on the Top Sunscreens to fight the Nigerian Sun

2. Know your Skin Type and follow a skincare regimen using products that nourish your skin

To-Do: Have a Skin consultation with a Skin Therapist or Esthetician, you can email us (, and we’ll guide you into determining your skintype.




3. Start to use a Retin A-Type product by your 30’s. Doing so will help increase your skin’s collagen, which tends to break down by your twenties. 

To-Do: Read the ingredient listing of your moisturizers and creams, be on the lookout for products with Retinoid, Retinyl Palmitate and Retinol, these are all the variations of RetinA/VitaminA


1 Comment on myBEAUTY: The Three Habits

  1. Thanks first of all for the good work of enlightening the public. I really would like a list of the cream or lotions in Nigeria that i can use to brighten my skin without harming it. Am in my early 30s and light chocolate complexion. Thank you very much


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