What is your (SkinCare) Problem?



Hello Beautiful Ladies, got inspired to write this post over the weekend. They say it is good to be passionate about what you do, and this is why I am passionate about what I do!

– For as Long as I can remember, I’ve always had problematic skin, actually it all started when I was 13. As soon as Puberty Hit, everything changed including my smooth baby face ūüė¶

What many people don’t know about Acne is that Dermatologists are now identifying it as a Disease, so if you have constantly been battling it since you were a teenager and now into your adulthood, you are not alone, a lot of women are. My bad skin drama has cost me alot, financially, emotionally, psychologically and socially. I remember an incident in college when I overheard some guys who had tried to chat my girlfriend and I up, describe me as the girl with the “bad skin”, I remember going back to my dorm and crying, refusing to attend social functions for almost 3 months. I was so embarrassed and humiliated, and became paranoid that all people saw where the zits on my face.

Name it, I’ve tried it, from lotions, potions, tonics, to even attempting to use my own urine as an astringent (yes, eww, something I’d never do again!). From expensive brands, to drug store brands, from gels and creams prescribed by dermatologists to commercialized brands like Proactiv. As usual, I would follow a regimen, the product would work for a couple of months, then afterwards the pimples would return. I’ve had expensive facials and cheap facials, steamed my face, oiled it, massaged it, delicately touched it and whatever else I was advised to do. I’ve gone on antibiotics which only complicated things, changed my diet which helped but did not totally eradicate the problem and of course worn¬†excessive¬†makeup to HIDE the issue.

My breaking point happened on a trip to London, when a lady selling beauty products at a Kiosk convinced me to spend 500 Pounds! (Yes 500) on a Dead Sea mineral masque that was created for problematic skin, needlessly to say 5 years later I am staring at the unused jar of masque. After that incident i decided to educate myself on my skin, products, and everything regarding our body’s largest organ.

The worst part of dealing with bad skin is having strangers who don’t know you, come up to you and advice or point out the obvious, (yes, I know I have too many pimples on my face, I did look at it this morning when I woke up). It is even¬†embarrassing¬†when it seems like it is the only thing people can discuss with you.

Part of my partner and I’s goal in creating this Blog was to provide an outlet and forum for women to dialogue about their Hair and skin problems and help find answers to it. I find that oftentimes, women are often too¬†embarrassed¬†or shy to ask Hair and Beauty questions, resolving only to google in their spare time (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that). Or worse, get the wrong advice and furthermore complicate the problem, remember Black skin becomes HYPER-PIGMENTED when INFLAMED, so it’s best NOT to experiment.

My skin is looking A LOT better now, of course I have the occasional hormonal breakouts around that time of the month, but everything is UNDER CONTROL, and guess what? I didn’t have to use Accutane, antibiotics or steroids. ¬†As a self proclaimed product junkie, a licensed Skincare professional and Ingredient encyclopedia, feel FREE to ask me about your SKINCARE concern.

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REMEMBER you are not alone in your BATTLE for GOOD SKIN!


6 Comments on What is your (SkinCare) Problem?

  1. Hi, I have been battling bad skin for decades. A combination of retin a gel and a toning cream helped tackle my acne scarred skin. Now I realised my skin has suddenly become hyper sensitive and I break out in a rash when I use retin a along with any alpha hydroxy acid cream or cleanser. A friend has recommended qei toning cream, any suggestions?


    • I’m not a fan of the QEI toning cream simply because there are so many fakes in the market right now and you don’t want to apply want you don’t know. Retin A and Alpha Hydroxy acid are both exfoliants, using both of them at the same time is too much, instead just stick to AHA, sunscreen, and a skin brightener like Avon to gently fade the dark marks.


  2. Hi,my acne started in january 2012.Have used different products just to make my face clear again.Sometime this year a friend introduced me to lemon,it was too harsh for my face cos I was also applying it in the mornings without moisturing my face.I now have sunburn on the side of my face.presently am applying neomedrol and funbact a on my face.Not too comfortable with this cos both are steroids.I really don’t know what to use on my face again.


  3. i have a vrey bad pls help me


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