myBEAUTY: MAKEUP Tips from the pro


Here’s a secret; you don’t need to buy new makeup items to keep up with some of the popular looks you see, the trick is maximizing the use of your old products.


TRICK 1 – Make your lashes appear longer and fuller

After applying mascara, dip a cotton swab in a little baby powder and sweep it over your lashes. Then apply a second coat of mascara. Lashes will appear Thicker, longer and fuller.

TRICK 2 – Create a Matte Finish

When applying makeup, use a sponge when applying powder as opposed to a brush because the sponge presses into your skin. By pressing into the skin the powder adheres better, creating a more Matte Finish.


TRICK 3 – Maximize your Concealer

To avoid concealer getting inside the fine creases below the eye, apply a special cream for the areas of your eyes.



TRICK 4 – Fake flawless Skin

You should also apply makeup to your neck so that your face matches the rest of your body

TRICK 5 – Prep your Skin

exfoliate with a toner because you don’t want to apply makeup to dry, ashy skin.


TRICK 6-  Become Picture Perfect

Just before you take a picture be sure to apply a light coat on the forehead and the area around the nose for a shine-free photograph.


TRICK 7 – Look younger and Happier

If you want to look instantaneously younger, always use color either on the lips or the cheeks. That pop of color will give life to your skin.

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