myBEAUTY: Make your LIPSTICK Pop and Last

For those of us ladies that didnt get the chance to purchase RiriWoo below are some tips on how to make the most of the lipsticks you currently have.


Ghanaian Actress Nadia Buari


Prep Your Lips

– Start by applying lip balm, doing so will make lips soft and smooth. Wait while lip balm penetrates, then BLOT excess oil with tissue.

Apply CONCEALER Define

– Use a foundation or concealer to cover your the skin surrounding your lips. If you have darker lips this helps to create a more neutral base for the lipstick. Using a Lip-Liner that is a darker shade of the lipstick, properly outline your lips. Doing sure ensures that the lipstick does not run.


Apply Lipstick

– Apply once, wait, place a tissue between your lips and close them. Then apply a second time

Set Your Look With Blotting Papers

– Finish the look by using oil blotting sheets to help set the color. Blotting with these papers is great because it removes the emollients and leaves behind only pigment. Then dust some translucent powder on your lips and apply a little bit of lipstick to offset the powder. And VOILA! you have a BOLD lipstick that will last you from morning to NIGHT!


Try this and THANK US LATER!








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