myHAIR: Solange’s Mane secrets

Since her Big Chop, Solange has become the poster girl for #Team Natural, so much so that she’s now the spokesmodel for the Hair and Beauty brand Carol’s daughter. The many ways she rocks her braids and afro has set her apart, making a fashion darling. But how does she keep her natural hair healthy throughout her many hair changes? Checkout her Hair-volution and  favorite Products courtesy of and








Solange is a fan of natural oils and butter and Carol’s Daughter products, which is fitting since she’s currently the company’s spokesperson and has helped them create a campaign for women transitioning to natural hair.

In an interview with a french blogger she adds “My hair routine involves shampoo and conditioner Oil Monoi Carol’s Daughter. “I also use raw shea butter every day and the pure argan oil when [my curls] are really dry. Once a week, I take the time it takes to wash them and make a mask. Then I brush them gently, always starting with the tips.






In general, I sit under a dryer to penetrate the mask. Then, once everything is rinsed and clean, I take two small sections of hair and I twist. I repeat the process, strand by strand. Then I take a shower, but I do not wet my hair, I just let the steam curl it a little. Sometimes I’m tired of doing all this, and I’ll do braids or extensions, to get a break.”

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