What is your SKINCARE Regimen?

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PhotoCredit: NaturalSkincareThea

PhotoCredit: NaturalSkincareThea

Below is a question from one of our readers.

Q: Is it important to CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURIZE everyday? I don’t have a current skincare regimen, how do I adopt one, I have oily skin? are Skincare regimens necessary for CLEAR, HEALTHY Skin?

A: Well, the answer is YES and this is why.

Each step of a skincare regimen is desired to help the other achieve its goal, resulting in keeping your skin in optimum shape. For example, you cleanse your skin so you can get rid of the dirt, environmental pollutants, bacteria etc. You tone to help remove any left over traces of dirt and debris, as well as restore your skin’s pH so it is not irritated. Finally you Moisturize to seal moisture back into the skin.

Since your skin is oily, below is a sample regimen for oily skin.


– Cleanse 2x a day with gentle antiseptic gel or foam cleanser

– Tone the skin with a toner that contains AHA or Lactic Acid, apply on a cotton pad and stroke across the entire face

– If it’s Daytime wear an OIL-FREE moisturizer, then Sunscreen, for nighttime just wear an OIL-FREE moisturizer.


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