MADE for US by US – Nigerian Beauty Brands 1

The greatest part about being a Nigerian Hair and Beauty Blogger is discovering companies and individuals that are dedicated to solving the everyday Nigerian beauty dilemma.

We frequently get emails from readers asking us what products to use, what regimen to follow, etc. Well we have a treat for you, we have compiled a list of our favorite Nigerian based business dedicated to solving your Hair and Beauty Woes. Check it out!

1. R and R Luxury


– If you’re looking for the BEST in natural Body oils and Butter, look no further than this luxurious beauty Brand. A family run business set up by Valerie Obaze, R and R luxury first started by making scented candles and has now gone on to include Room Sprays, Linen Sprays, Body butters and now face and body scrubs.  To find out more about where you can purchase their items checkout their website:


2. The Kinky Apothecary

Kinky Apothecary Final Logo

– If you’re a natural haired sista living in Nigeria, you know that maintaining your mane is not easy; especially with uneducated hairstylists constantly harassing you to “relax your hair”. Thanks to the Lady behind “The Kinky Apothecary”, natural Haired divas in Nigeria now have help in their HairJourney. The website which first started out as an informational blog, has now been extended to include an online store as well as physical store located at L’Espace. For all your hair care needs, as well as style inspirations, visit


3. Nini Body Treats


It is NOT dessert, this is actually SOAP!

– If you are addicted to deliciously scented and crafted body soaps, then Nini’s Body Treats is for YOU! I discovered this gem on twitter and visited their blog. Inspired by the owner’s love of ” detergent-free luxury skin loving handcrafted soap”, she started learning and making the soaps in 2011. If you’re also interested in learning how to make these soaps, Nini Body Treats offers OPEN workshops from time to time. For more information, checkout the blog:


4. Vanity Oils


– If you follow us on Twitter (@myHairmyBeauty), then you’ll know that we are BIG fans of Oils! Created and run by best friends Ekua Sagoe and Tomi Giwa, Vanity Oils is a Nigerian based company focused on the supply of 100% pure natural oils for hair and skin. Name it, they have it, from basic oils like Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, to harder to find oils like Wheat Germ and Sweet almond. Their website even includes recipes on blends for your hair and skin, for more information, checkout:


5. Ours by Juliada


– Their tag line should be “Look GOOD and Smell GOOD”, because if you’ve ever purchased a product from OursByJuliada you’d know that the products smell divine. The beauty brand also started by Best friends has a variety of products for Hair and Body, our favorite is their Gingerbread Cookie body scrub and their black soap.


6. Hairven Hair Products


– All my Weave lovers, this is the brand for you. Created by Iroghama Ogbeifun,  Hairven hair products are designed to make your hair extensions feel softer and last longer. After using the products on an old human hair lace wig, we can attest to their conditioner helping detangle knots. To find out more about the brand, checkout their facebook page:


7. Namaste Organics


– another find on twitter, this brand is all about blending and creating 100% organic healing body butter, african black soap and cleansing clay masks for skin and hair using botanical oils.


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1 Comment on MADE for US by US – Nigerian Beauty Brands 1

  1. have you tried maybelline dream mousse blush in 40 soft plum???


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