myHAIR: Cynthia Bailey, 7 days 7 Hairstyles

Hey Ladies,

I came across a video of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey, discussing her many different Hairstyles for the Week. We got inspired and decided to share. If you like any of her looks,  remember you can recreate it using the mHB wigs!

CynthiaR RH

If you are a Hair-nista, or Wig Lover, then this is the post for you!

Sunday: Cynthia says she likes to have her hair looking very simple, so she puts it in a Bun or side ponytail




Monday: First day of the work week, Cynthia dazzles with with serious but yet glam look, it’s all about being straight and sleek




Tuesday: Cynthia gets a little excitement going with a medium sized Afro Wig




Wednesday: Being a mother of 1, Cynthia says this day is her parent hair, so her hair is minimal, and she adds a Beret or scarf




Thursday: Still the savvy business woman, Cynthia says she’s all about a day to night look, so she opts for a bigger afro




Friday: The work week is over, Cynthia is ready to party so she upgrades her signature Afro to something bigger and adds a headband for fun. cynthia-bailey



Saturday: Saturdays she relaxes and goes for what she calls “Shopping Hair” which is her hair down accessorized with headbands and a  hat.Cynthia2



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