myBEAUTY: Baby Oil and Bio-Oil

Hey Ladies,

As you know we have a section of our blog dedicated to asking our Esthetician/Skincare therapist Uche, about your skincare issues and concerns, below is an email from one of our readers. Remember you can send your most pressing skincare issues to our email, myHairmyBeauty {at}, we maintain your privacy.

QUESTION: I came across a twitter post that said Baby Oil can help in achieving smooth even skin, while Bio-Oil can help “tone” the skin, is this true?

ANSWER:  Now for most people that have ever made the mistake of slandering on baby oil, or any kind of mineral oil on their body before going outside, you’d know that BABY OIL burns the skin. Never wear it during the day time.


Unless you are a black man looking for a way to look sexy in a shirtless photoshoot, you have no business using baby oil on your skin in hopes of getting “smooth”, skin, there are better natural alternatives like Shea Butter (or Ori), Coconut Oil or butter, Olive Oil, or other natural oils.

Now, Bio-Oil.


Launched in the skincare market in 2002, Bio‐Oil is a specialist moisturizing oil that promises to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin. Since its launch, the publicity that Bio‐Oil garnered, helped it win 85 skincare awards. As someone who has tried Bio-Oil I can tell you this:

-No, it will not brighten your skin

-No, it does not help with evening out skintone if you have hyperpigmentation.

-No, it does not reduce the appearance of stretch marks especially on black skin.

– No, it does not help with active pimples/cystic acne

– Yes, it helps with minimizing stretchmarks

With ingredients like Vitamin A and E, Bio-oil helps with encouraging the skin to slightly exfoliate itself, meaning that recent pigmentations can be removed, and the vitamin E will help with minimizing stretch marks. If you are pregnant, losing weight, using Bio-oil, CAN help minimize stretch marks; However, I would not recommend this product to be used on the face of someone who struggles with pimples, IT DOES NOT HELP.

If you would like to know what products  help in achieving that smooth, even-toned skin you like, just send us an email–> myHairmyBeauty[at]



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