Beauty News: Bleaching their what??

We’ve heard of Hair Bleaching, Skin bleaching, now there’s apparently a catagory of beauty products dedicated to bleaching the Vaginal region.


Yes, you heard right. Vaginal Bleaching.

Please keep reading..

First it was India with its Clean and Dry Ad (see below), but now it seems that women in Thailand are also asking for Vaginal Whitening products.

A commercial for a new bleaching product called Lactacyd White Intimate hit the Thai airwaves, promising to make the skin around the woman’s genitals and upper thighs “fairer within four weeks”.

According to the HuffingtonPost article, “The demand for such products stems from the belief common in the Asia-Pacific region that fair skin signifies a higher social class…The Clean and Dry Intimate Wash TV ad implied that a woman who lightened her intimate areas would be more sexually attractive to men–because the first thing a man looks for in any prospective girlfriend is a bleached Vulva”. (Source:



What I’d like to know is, since when did the color of one’s Vulva matter?

Please let us know what you think?


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