Beauty News: Chinese Fire Facial

There’s Urine therapy, Bird poop facial, Gold facial and many more crazy beauty practices and now there’s a the chinese fire facial!

According to The Huffington Post US, the Huǒ liáo treatment, or “fire facial,” is gaining serious traction in China, where the spa service originated. This facial address ageing.

PhotoCredit: Lifestyle.Yahoo.Co.Nz

PhotoCredit: Lifestyle.Yahoo.Co.Nz

According to the attached HuffingtonPost article, this is how the facial works: place a towel soaked in alcohol and a special “elixir” on the face, legs or other parts of the body, then light it on fire for a few seconds. This action apparently stimulates the skin and addresses dullness, sagging and wrinkles.

Watch this Video:


If this facial came to Nigeria, would you try it?



1 Comment on Beauty News: Chinese Fire Facial

  1. A paraffin treatment for my face would give the same results without and potential hazards….i think it just a basic heat therapy


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