myBEAUTY: Fake Plastic Surgery

Hello Ladies, I came across this beautiful picture of Nigerian actress Dakore Akande



She looks super fab! but I was taken aback by the comments people had on the blog suggesting that she got a nose job.

People SHE DID NOT! all makeup artists will agree that she simply CONTOURED her nose.

Are you still NOT following? Checkout our previous post on it ->


– This is when you use two foundations (or concealer), one lighter than your skin, one darker, to simply highlight or diminish certain features on your face. A popular contour is the nose contour, where you use a dark foundation on the sides of your nose, and a light foundation on top of your nose. It looks like this:


After marking/contouring the face, you now Blend to create a flawless finish. This is how Kim Kardashian creates that “plastic” look



nikki minaj

Nose Contour


Highlighting the Eyes, Cheeks, and Chin


This YouTube video by BellesaAfrica shows how to Contour:



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