myBEAUTY: Controlling Oil with Grapefruit

Hello Ladies,  Is your skin oily and breaking out, and are you looking for ways to manage it?

Instead of going to the drug store, why not go to the market and stock up on Grapefruit, yes Grapefruit!!

We’ve all read and heard about the benefits of Lemon, but did you know that in the citrus family, Grapefruit is also good in managing excess oil and pimples? Here’s why


Grapefruit– This fruit might not be sweet, but it is packed with lots of SKINCARE BENEFITS! If you have oily skin and are prone to acne, this is your go to fruit, it is a natural astringent and exfoliating agent. Grapefruit is packed with vitamin C which helps in evening skintone, and antioxidants that fight off free radicals which can lead to premature aging.If you are worried about prematurely aging, did you know that grapefruit can boost the production of collagen, this helps your skin become more plump, as well as reduces the appearance of lines. Grapefruit also helps hydrate the skin!

DIY– To enjoy the topical benefits of grapefruit, try this facial, using Grapefruit Juice, CornMeal, Yoghurt


***If you’re going to eat Grapefruits, make sure you are not taking any medications***





2 Comments on myBEAUTY: Controlling Oil with Grapefruit

  1. Helpful tip……….


  2. Definately trying it,my nose produces way too much oil


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