Let’s Talk about Acne

Pimples, Acne, zit, blemish call it what you want, one thing remains true about Acne, it is UNWANTED!!

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Ok Ladies, if you are one of those that get the occasional pimple, then this post is NOT for you, this post is for the woman that has been suffering from Acne since puberty. In the skincare world, Acne-Prone skin has now been identified as a SKIN TYPE! So you no longer have to believe that you are just an oily skinned person dealing with pimples.

So “Acneic” is a skin type, how do you find out if this describes you? Please Answer the following questions..

1. Have you been suffering from Acne since puberty (age 13)

2. Is Acne your constant skin concern?

3. Is there a history of Acne in your family? Do your parents suffer from it? Brothers? Uncles/Aunts?

4. Do you have Acne in other places in your body other than your face, such as chest? back? shoulders?

5. Is your pore size visible?

** If you answered YES to more than 2 of these questions, then you are Acneic **

Why is this important?

– For women that are Acneic or Acne-prone, Acne is a constant battle, to address this issue you need an overhaul of your skincare regimen (if you have not already done so). You need to stay clear of comedogenic makeup and products, these products clog up your pores, making things worst.

– You need to develop a skincare treatment program that address the issues of acne including congestion, inflammation, and pigmentation (especially in black skin).

– Knowing that you are Acneic will help you in choosing the right products and ingreidents, regardless of what brand of skincare you use, always look for these ingredients: Salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur,

Not all Acne is created equal

There are 4 grades of Acne, and an esthetician can treat grades 1-3 but NOT 4

Grades of acne

Acne is classified as being in one of four grades. The grading helps medical professionals classify the level of acne so they can specify the appropriate treatment.

  • Grade 1 is minor Acne with breakouts and congestion.
  • Grade 2 is moderate Acne with closed pimples, micro-comedones, no major inflammation.
  • Grade 3 is severe acne with comedones, papules and pustules, at this stage skin is inflamed and irritated. Acne tends to spread to the neck and chest and can lead to scarring when not treated properly.
  • Grade 4 is the final and the most serious stage of acne. This is where you see Cystic Acne, redness, severe and PAINFUL breakout. At this level, you need to see a dermatologist, to get to the root of this problem.

What to do if I’m Acneic?

As someone who has battled acne their whole teenage and adult life, it is possible to have clear skin (I promise!), however it takes alot of work and knowledge! We are offering specialized email skincare advice to our readers that want it courtesy of our mHB esthetician. Simply send us an email with the subject “ACNE” (


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