Are you a BEAUTY EXPERT? Take this QUIZ!

Hello beautiful Ladies, so we’ve decided to have fun and test your beauty knowledge while debunking some of the BEAUTY MYTHS we’ve grown up to believe.


1. Peanuts (groundnut) causes Pimples- TRUE/FALSE?

2. It is okay to POP a pimple, especially if it just appeared out of nowhere- TRUE/FALSE

3. You can open or close your pores with cold or hot water – TRUE/FALSE

4. If you have large pores, you can make them disappear with some pore minimizing products – TRUE/FALSE

5. Eating Chocolate or fried food causes pimples- TRUE/FALSE

6. When you apply more cream, the product works better- TRUE/FALSE

7. Exposing your face to sunlight help dry your pimples- TRUE/FALSE

8. For thoroughly cleansed skin, you should first remove your makeup with makeup remover then cleanse with a proper cleanser- TRUE/FALSE

9. Acne is a hereditary disease- TRUE/FALSE

10. If your skin itches while you have Eczema you should scratch it – TRUE/FALSE

11. You should avoid scrubbing your skin with harsh scrubs if you have pimple – TRUE/FALSE

12. Our Hair and Skin is an indicator of our internal health – TRUE/FALSE

13. Psoriasis is a very contagious skin disease – TRUE/FALSE

14. Skin lightening products make your skin more vulnerable and susceptible to sunburn and sun damage -TRUE/FALSE

15. If you have oily skin you should NOT use moisturizer, it will only make your face oilier – TRUE/FALSE



1. FALSE, this is an age old myth, peanuts do NOT directly cause pimples. However, if you are prone to pimples your face is likely breakout with a change of diet, so be sure to eat everything in moderation.

2. FALSE! Never ever pop a pimple, this will only spread the bacteria or leave a scar.

3. TRUE! Although you can eliminate your pores you can open it to remove dirt and allow sebum to reach the surface with the help of a steamer.

4. FALSE! Pore sizes are genetic

5. FALSE! There are no scientific data to support the idea that  chocolate or grease triggers acne, however unhealthy diet can lead to pimples. It has also been shown that Excessive iodides in salt, cheese, processed and packaged can irritate acne, especially for someone who is prone to pimples.

6. FALSE! Less is more, save your money and use less products, all you need is a thin coat of cream for the product to penetrate. Using large quantities does not change the molecular structure of the product

7. FALSE! Excessive sun exposure on your face only leads to discoloration

8. TRUE! Double cleansing your face gives you a clean canvas to make any products effective

9. TRUE! If you have a family history of pimples, you are more likely to develop them

10. FALSE! Avoid scratching your skin during an eczema flare up, calm irritation down by moisturizing

11. TRUE! If you have inflamed acne, scrubbing tears open the skin making it vulnerable to the spread of P.Acnes bacteria that causes acne.

12. TRUE! We really are what we eat 🙂

13. FALSE! Psoriasis is NOT Contagious but can spread on someone who already has it by irritating the affected area

14. TRUE! If you are using skin lightening products, you should have your SPF30 around

15. FALSE! Oil and hydration are two different things, your skin needs to be hydrated regardless of oiliness. Pick an Oil-free moisturizer.

So HOW DID  YOU SCORE? If you have any questions, be sure to email us (, and remember we are having a month long PROMOTION, Follow us on Twitter (@myHairmyBeauty) ADD us on FACEBOOK for a chance to WIN free skincare products and Brazilian hair extensions and Lace front wigs!


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