Thinking of going RED?

Hello beautiful Ladies,

Do you feel like you’re seeing more red-haired beauties around? well there’s a reason, RED is the color of the season!! yep, if you’re looking for that new look to rock for the holiday period, this is the way to go. However if you’ve ever colored your hair you would know that there are many variations of this color.

From the sunkissed Color 30, to the metal inspired Color 33, copper to FIRE RED, there a many HUES to pick from for all our many Skin tones. We’re helping you decide with our breadown of RED below:)

1. A HINT of Red

– So you’ve decided you want to add some color to your hair but the thought of a complete dye is too much for you, why not trying highlighting or adding strands of Color 3o hair to your extensions like this:


2. If a “TOUCH of Red” is too much for you, then Color 33 + 4, better known as Brownish deep red is your best bet

3. If you’re really feeling adventurous you can dye your mane red-RED, depending on what your original hair color is, you can achieve these variations of the color

4. If you’re a fan of the blonde, but still want that touch of red, you can try Color 27 + 30

5. If you want something more ECCLETIC, you can go ORANGE/RED!!

6. So you like Red, but not any kind of Red, but CARTOON and CRAYOLA RED, then you might want to consider these:

7. Want about RED with a Hint of PINK? Try this:

8. A great color for brown or dark-skinned divas is Burgundy or 99J

9. If Burgundy is too demure for you, you can go all OUT with Purple


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