Be careful who you LISTEN to

Hello beautiful Ladies,

it’s Az here and I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while, as a beauty editor, I spend a great deal of time researching my topics, talking to experts in the field and trying out products myself. As a part of the mHB team, made up of a licensed esthetician (Skin therapist/expert) and Hair stylist, and then me 🙂 we do our best to PROPERLY inform our readers, so you can understand our shock and horror at the kind of advice self proclaimed beauty experts give in this country.

We understand that in Nigeria there is no strong body governing these things, but enough is enough, if you don’t know what you’re talking about please don’t say anything, or at least RESEARCH before you TWEET, or PUBLISH a post. We have to put a stop to the reckless hair/beauty information being passed around.

For example, I went to get my hair done and overheard one of the hair stylist tell a customer that her hair was dry and to properly moisturize it, she should use “car OIL”, yes ladies “CAR OIL” to moisturize the hair. I can’t even begin to say how terrible this is, I spoke my mind to the stylist and got up and left.

Another crazy thing I’ve overheard is using HAIR RELAXER to LIGHTEN your skin, I had a so called beauty expert in Lagos, tell me of a concoction of hers that includes HAIR RELAXER, along with some other questionable items that were supposed to LIGHTEN/BRIGHTEN my skin.


ENOUGH with the crazy CONCOCTIONS! Please use the services of an informed and educated Hair stylist, Dermatologist and Esthetician. Go to the spas that are run by LICENSED beauty therapist! Because not only are your hair and skin your best ASSETS, but they’re the window to your internal health!

Keep checking out our post, we do our best to recommend trusted salons, spas, and hair/beauty retail outlets!

Have fun Reading 🙂

-Az for the mHB TEAM.


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