FAB Divas with FAB BLOGS!

Hello beautiful Ladies,

there’s nothing better than perusing through the blogsphere and bookmarking new “inspirations”, incase you’re living under a rock and didn’t know this, some of our favorite Radio and TV personalities are NOW bloggers and more importantly are sharing some of their beauty tips and diaries. Enjoy our favorite posts!


Tolulope “Toolz” Oniru, is the fabulous on air personality on Beat FM’s Midday show. Her website showcases her views on everything from music to current events. Below is an excerpt on her blog that talks about her view on Nigerian women bleaching and her ode to chocolate beauties;

“I’m what you could describe as dark-skinned, and I love it. There have been a few situations where people have heard my voice on radio, seen me in person and remarked ‘Oh I thought you were light-skinned – you sound light-skinned’ (WTF  right??). Hearing this doesn’t make me feel bad about myself, but I do think people that make comments like these are severely daft. I don’t think being dark-skinned is better than being light-skinned nor vice-versa, I think beauty comes in all colours, shades, shapes, sizes etc. Having said that, I have to be real and admit that (in my opinion) there aren’t enough dark-skinned, female celebrities in Africa for young girls/women to look up to.” READ MORE ON:




Another On-air personality that launched her website/blog is Toke Makinwa. Her blog reads like her personal journal, and she shares her views on everything from bullying to brassieres! Below is an excerpt we enjoyed from her beauty post about lemons!

“She kept saying trust me it works, it has no chemicals, it is all natural and all the spots will dry up. I grudgingly accepted the advice and Toju being the sweet person that she is, bought some for me. After The Headies I washed my face and put some lime on the affected area. To be honest with you I was so weary cos it stung a little bit and I had the text ready that I was going to send back to her, had it backfired. I woke up the next day and, just like that all the spots had cleared, NO KIDDING!” READ MORE:


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