myBEAUTY: Hone your Skincare Regimen

Hello Lovely Ladies,

An even toned skin with a glow is what we all desire, that is the reason we continously shell out thousands of naira, dollars and pounds on the latest beauty cream du jour.

If you are a product junkie like moi, you would know that at least 3/4 ths of the “miracle” creams out there just DON’T WORK, however there is a tried and tested method to achieve gorgeous skin, and it’s not by lotions and potions alone, it is by crafting and maintaining a HEALTHY skincare regimen.

Below are some tips on honing your regimen in order to achieve your desired skin!

1. Effective product penetration begins with a CLEAN CANVAS.

– if asked, most women believe they cleanse their skin, however the truth is that we do NOT thoroughly cleanse our skin. So how do you do this? by Double Cleansing! yes cleanse 2x at night. First start with a makeup remover or gentle cream cleanser (use this first cleanse to remove all the oil, dirt, makeup and environmental debris to help the second cleanser do its job well). The second cleanser should be based on your skin type or condition, for example if you have oily skin, use a foaming cleanser or clay based cleanser to get rid of the excess oil. If you have acneic skin, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Double cleansing should only be done at NIGHT, when cleansing in the morning simple cleanse 1x like you normally do.

2. Apply products in order

– If you use a 3 step system, try to stick to the order of product application, there is a reason for it. Products penetrate better based on their molecular size, for example, lightweight serums and moisturizers penetrate more easily than the heavy creams, so you should apply them first.

3. Use a gentle soothing toner with antioxidants

– Yes, Toners NOT astringents. A great toner like Dermalogica’s multi-active toner, Body shop’s Vitamin E toner, Simple’s facial toner, or Cliniques, not only remove excess dirt and debris, but help your moisturizers penetrate better. Another great thing about Toners is that it helps you use less moisturizer!

4. Be GENTLE with your skin.


– Alot of us believe that if it does not sting, then its NOT working, this is NOT true. Pay attention to your skin, what is it telling you, is it irritated?, is it hydrated? do you use a product then breakout the next day? Most times, the less we do to our skin, the better it is. Get rid of the harsh abrasive scrubs, use a gentle cleanser, and NEVER EVER POP YOUR PIMPLE.

– Not sure if your products are gentle or not? if water(aqua) or glycerin are the top ingredients, then it is a better option.

5. Make sunscreen your friend

– “Oh i’m allergic, oh it makes my face too white, oh it makes my face oilier” whatever excuse you have for NOT wearing sunscreen, just toss it. Find one that works, and stick to it, preferably SPF 30 and above, and re-apply every 3 hours if you’re going to be under the sun. As black women that deal with pigmentation, SPF is one way of preventing further pigmentation issues. Sunscreen should be worn LAST, after your moisturizer

6. DON’T ABUSE your Products


– don’t use an abrasive scrub, don’t use a scrub everyday, if you use a facial scrub, don’t use a “medicated” soap or cleanser afterwards, limit the number of times you use a scrub and masque. Ideally, a masque and scrub should only be used 2x week, regardless of what your skin condition might be.


– 80% of us suffer from dehydration, this results in dull, lackluster skin; youthful skin is as simple as drinking enough water and avoiding foods that zap your hydration like coffee, tea, and alcohol.

8. Good Skin begins from the inside

– Sugar is NOT your friend, that is if you want to be young forever (don’t we all?). Excess sugar found in our diet triggers hormones that can cause premature aging and wrinkles.

9. Don’t PUNISH your entire Face for the offense of a small spot

– for example, you wake up and notice a pimple in your chin and you then “TREAT” it buy using a facial cleanser for acne, a masque for acne and put spot treatment all over your face, all in an attempt to prevent future breakouts. Or worse, you use prescription strength products like Retin A, differin, or Tazorac, if this is what you do, please STOP. Acne products should only be used by skintypes that have been identified as “ACNEIC” meaning having consistant acne since puberty. If you have a pimple here and there occasionally, just SPOT TREAT!

10. THINK before you RUB


We are ALL NOT created the same when it comes to our skin. Just because it works for your friend, mother, aunty, teacher, or boss, does NOT mean it will work for you. Don’t buy a questionable cream that you heard someone raving about, and apply to your skin without doing a patch test. Some of us are allergic to ingredients that we are not even aware of, so be careful (more like cautious), when trying products that are potent, that have not been recommended for your skin type by a Dermatologist or Esthetician.

ALWAYS REMEMBER that the SKIN you care for TODAY is the one you will inherit TOMORROW!

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