Beauty Feature: Millen Magese

Hello Ladies, hope your week is going by well.

This week in Beauty, we’re sharing the product secrets of the gorgeous international Model Millen Magese, who credits skincare brands Dr Sebagh and La Mer for her gorgeous skin!

Renowned model Millen Magese, has been seen all over the catwalks of paris, new york, london, Johannesburg and many more! This international beauty signed with Ford Models NY and Ice Model Managment South Africa was also a former Miss Tanzania. In her interview with NdaniTV, she talks about her experience in the modelling world, very inspiring!!


How does she keep her skin looking flawless? Besides a healthy diet and lifestyle, Millen shared with us via Twitter, that she’s a big fan of Dr. Sebagh and La Mer’s line of Skincare products!

La Mer formulated by NASA scientist, Dr. Max Huber has been regarded as one of the top luxurious skincare lines since it first arrived on the scene. So the story behind this magical cream, as it has been regarded in the skincare world because of its exotic ingredients, is that Dr. Max Huber created the cream to help him heal scars he had as a result of an accident. After 12 years of research and thousands of experiments, La Mer with its use  Bio-fermentation promises to improve skin’s appearance through its Miracle Broth of Sea Kelp, vitamins, minerals, oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower. If Millen swears by it, it must be GOOD! but be warned this product is quite expensive

If you’re in Lagos and would like to purchase this, Checkout Priscillia’s Pride Spa in Dolphin Estate.

Created by Cosmetic Facial Surgeon Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh, Dr.Sebagh’s line of skincare products focuses on antioxidant and vitamin treatments that promise to keep you looking younger. Using the latest skin care technology and expertise, Dr Sebagh and his team of top French chemists, have created a skincare product that is modern, potent and above all, effective. Dr. Sebagh is created for keeping supermodel Cindy Crawford ageless!


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