Is your hair damaged and breakage prone? then you might like this new product from SoftSheen Carson’s Dark and Lovely. The new hair care range called the Anti-Breakage range reduces hair breakage and fortifies it 10X.

The Anti -Breakage relaxer has nutritive Wheat Germ oil that helps to nourish the fiber of the damaged and breaking hair, it also has a reparative ceramide which acts like a protective cement naturally found in hair and can penetrate the hair strand to reinforce weak spots.The range has other Anti-Breakage lines including Anti-Breakage Relaxer, Anti- Breakage Hair Treatment, Anti-Breakage Hair Butter and the Anti- Breakage Oil Moisturiser. Dark and Lovely Nigeria is the official sponsor of Nigeria’s NEXT supermodel and held an event to commomerate its new product!

Dark and Lovely range of beauty products from the staple of L’Oreal Central West Africa hosted over 3,500 hairstylists and dressers across the Southwest zone to make history as the biggest gathering of hair professionals in one day, drawing professions from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states.

Dark and Lovely Model

Dark and Lovely model

Dark and Lovely model



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