myHAIR: Caring for your Luxurious Human Hair Weaves

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

at the request of our client “Chrystabel Hair”, we are dedicating a post on 10 rules to remember when caring for your 100% Human Hair (Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, etc..)

PhotoCredit: Mizani


1. Before weave installation, be sure to Co-Wash your extensions (wash weave with conditioner). Conditioner softens the hair.

– How to Wash: Gently finger comb hair, or comb hair with wide tooth comb, then soak hair in luke-warm water (NOT HOT, this will dry the hair) with conditioner for 5 minutes. You can “wash” by squeezing water out of hair, as you dip it back in, move in downwards motion, work conditioner from top to bottom.  Afterwards, gently comb hair with wide tooth comb from middle to tip. While extensions are still damp, apply leave-in conditioner then AIR dry hair, by hanging it.

2. Avoid using heavy products daily in styling hair. ALWAYS treat your 100% human hair like your hair, too much products will cause a buildup, leaving weave heavy and lacking luster. Avoid products with Alcohol like holding spritz or gel.

3. Maintain curl patterns by curling the hair with bendy rollers or simply braiding the hair in two big pigtails.

4. When choosing the right ingredients to use, make sure they are natural and lightweight.

5. When brushing your hair, be very gentle! gather it as if you are tying it into a ponytail and brush from the Bottom Up, grab small sections at a time and gently detangle as you move up.

6. When styling your hair, remember that Heat is your enemy, regardless of the great quality hair you have, the more you heat style it, the more you fry it. If you MUST use heat, use a heat protector.

7. If you decide to color your hair, make sure you have an expert doing it, remember dyeing your weave changes its texture in some cases.

8. If you live an active lifestyle (running, jogging, constantly sweating) use protective styling, always tie hair in a neat bun, or braid it in two giant ponytails.

9. Great Products to help upkeep your weave; Garnier Frutis, Hairven hair products, Soft Sheen Weave care products and Mizani.

10. Remember if you care about the quality of your hair extensions, then you should INVEST in purchasing great extensions from reliable sellers, like Chrystabel Hair!!

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